Ease is located at 1446 Dundas West in Toronto, Ease adds a perfect pop of contemporary to Toronto's Little Portugal neighbourhood.

The owner Zai Rajkotwala opened this gem of a shop in 2017.

If you recognize the name Zai Rajkotwala, it's because she also owns the successful Easy Tiger right across the street. With a change of pace, Ease is much more refined and mature than its sister store.

ease inside
Studio Loetta

Zai focuses on contemporary womenswear and accessories for Ease rather than trinkets and whatnots. 

Some items up for purchase at Ease are dresses, tops, outerwear, swim, shoes, jewelry, publications, and much more. Although all from separate designers, these pieces all intertwine with one another and feel like a single collection.

This Toronto shop offers timeless pieces for your wardrobe so you can always feel confident wearing them. 

ease shoes
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Zai only sources well-crafted pieces and the best of the best for her customers. Designer brands at this store include Kurt Lyle, Nude Label, Nightspace, Mondo Mondo, Faris, Paloma Wool, Ovo ceramics, and Kana London, just to name a few.

Zai pairs already established designers with emerging ones to give a fresh inventory that's different from other Dundas West shops. 

Inside the store, Ease is super modern with white clean walls. Brilliant murals are carefully placed on some walls along with the far-from-few statement accessories around the store for a pop of colour.

ease clothing
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Zai is all about providing women with essentials to make their wardrobe sophisticated and refined.

Styling yourself is sure to be easy with these polished pieces — hence the name Ease. 

Check out Ease on Dundas West in Toronto or the online store to find a statement top or an accessory to compliment your style.

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1446 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada