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Elte is a luxury furniture store located on 80 Ronald Avenue in Toronto.

This store is in the midst of the Castlefield Design District, which is a perfectly calculated location, as this area is filled with furniture shops. It's an interior designer's dream!  

Leon Tenenbaum founded Establissements Elte in Paris in 1919. When he moved to Canada, he opened Elte & Sons on Bay Street in Toronto in 1944. The store has since moved areas and is now run by his great-grandsons, Jamie and Andrew Metrick.

The history in this place is quite charming. 

elte outside

Elte sells  furniture for the living room, dining room, office, rugs, chandeliers, lamps, mattresses, linens, pillows, picture frames, candles...

...so basically everything and anything you can think of that goes into decorating a home. 

A handful of brands that are carried at this Toronto store include Made Good, Mr. Brown London, Cisco Brothers, Verner Panton, Lillian August, Oly, and Baker Furniture.

The shop is wonderfully large and spacious with high ceilings giving an industrial feel. Every piece of furniture is so thoughtfully placed and decorated making you wish you could quite literally buy everything in sight.

elte inside
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In 2013, Elte brought Elte Cafe into the store.

This popular lunch spot serves fresh and healthy salads, sandwiches, and baked goods. Fill up on a made in-house salad bowl and gaze at all of the beautifully lined up rugs in which the patterns and designs are like no other. Sounds like a great afternoon spent to me. 

By 2015, the Metrick brothers developed the Elte Market.

This extension of Elte showcases a more affordable luxury collection and of course still stylish and sophisticated. You can find it just a short drive away from Elte at 1381 Castlefield Ave.

elte lounge room

Elte on Ronald Avenue has continued success at being one of the world's premier destinations for home furnishings, walking into the store, you quickly understand why. Each of their pieces just screams luxurious and timeless.

Everybody needs a piece of Elte in their homes. 

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80 Ronald Avenue, York, ON, Canada