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Located on 1 Davies Avenue in Toronto, Guff is a popular store in the Leslieville neighbourhood that has found popularity selling Scandinavian mid-century furniture and decor.

However, The shop originally opened on Queen Street East in a much smaller space. Then, in 2008, Guff moved to their current location.

Eventually, they upsized to a 4,000 square foot space to store all of their outstanding furniture pieces. 

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Guff sells vintage and gently used furniture such as beds, lighting, tables, art, rugs, and much more. The shop sources inventory daily, so there is always something new to browse.

Above all, The focus for Guff in Leslieville is to sell furniture at a far better price than anyone else on the market.

This makes for a constant flow of inventory leaving the store and creating room for new pieces coming in. After all, who can pass up vintage items at prices that can't be beat?

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Although being new to the vintage world can be intimidating, Guff allows you to explore these pieces with the chance to make a purchase at a reasonable price. Certainly, cool vintage pieces don’t always have to cost a fortune. 

Additionally, If you are worried about making a purchase because you don’t currently have the space, don’t panic. Guff will hang onto pieces for as long as 3 days, so make some space and get ready for your new favourite home furnishings. 

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Moving or wanting to declutter? Sell your furniture to Guff in Leslieville. Send them an email or give them a ring and if they are interested they will arrange a time to meet. The best part of all is that they buy your furniture instead of consignment. This means you don’t have to wait for your item to be sold to get paid!

Finally, If you’re looking for a new vintage Piece to add to your collection or want to feel inspired, you must check out Guff in Leslieville. 

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1 Davies Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada