Kol Kid — Queen St. West

Looking for a unique experience in a children’s store? Look no further and visit Kol Kid on Queen St. West. 

Founder and owner of Kol Kid, Lisa Miyasaki, opened her innovative children’s boutique in 1999. Parents and children have been thanking her ever since.

First and foremost, Kol Kid quickly made a name for itself as a staple for finding the best educational and developmental toys for children. However, their offerings have now expanded to include a wonderful selection of clothing, footwear, and other essential items for kids, such as bibs, pacifiers, strollers, and so much more!

What or who inspired the opening of this magnificent store you might wonder?

Kol! Her first birth son, born with special needs, inspired this journey. This gave Miyasaki the opportunity to explore and learn about toys, focusing on ones that encourage and assist in education and meeting common milestones.

Stocking some of the newest educational toys from around the world, you will also find our favourite old-school wooden toys, made locally. Clearly, all off the toys here are used to stimulate a child's imagination, and are must-haves when it comes to learning through play. Rest assured there is something that your child will love in this shop— or any child for that matter.

At Kol Kid you will find everything from books, educational material, shoes, clothing, and eye-catching designer decor, within a wide price range! Without a doubt, this children's boutique is not only a one stop shop for your child’s needs, but a hot spot for gifting.

Walking into this boutique will have you giddy and smiling like a kid yourself, so don't delay your visit!

Kol Kid - Queen St. West

Kol Kid - Queen St. West

Kol Kid, Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada