Spectacle — Queen St. West

Spectacle certainly does love you – and your eyes too!

Founder of Spectacle, Jag Dhillion, had a vision over 15 years ago to exhibit the most significant and stylish eyewear brands from across the world. As well, he wished to open a store that catered to fashion while also functioning as an optical.

Moreover, Dhillion envisioned an open concept and a friendly atmosphere, accompanied with unbeatable customer service and product knowledge. 

Ultimately, he succeeded in doing just that. Finally, in the early 2000's, Spectacle’s flagship opened in the Queen St. West neighbourhood. 

Once an up-and-coming area, the Queen West Neighbourhood is now established as a place to find cool and contemporary fashion.

However, today Spectacle operates three locations across Toronto, where they employ the best qualified and friendly team of eyewear professionals that you'll find. Furthermore, they are known for fitting numerous celebrities and winning several “Best of Toronto” awards on a number of occasions, with frequent publications. 

Above all, they pride themselves in the strong team they've built of Lab Technicians, Opticians, Optometrists, and Stylists.

In addition, Spectacle finds the most sought out eyewear brands from around the globe, to ensure they bring the most fashion forward pieces to you. Finally, they are also known for launching new collections and up-and-coming designers into Canada.

To sum it up, whether you're shopping in-store or checking them out online, in a blink of an eye, you’re bound to get lost in a sea of desirable eyewear.

So, do not hesitate to check out any of their locations to find the perfect pair of eye glasses or sunnies to fit you and your lifestyle. Of course, if you need basic vision care - they have you covered too!



Spectacle, Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada