The Door Store

The Door Store was established in 1972, by a University of Toronto Architecture student named Sam Mirshak.

Living in the student ghetto located in the Annex, Mirshak witnessed many careless demolitions and renovations within the neighbourhood. Importantly, this motivated him to open up a small shop on Queen St.

Initially, The shop focused on sales of invaluable architectural pieces that had been salvaged from heading to the dump.

Although the shop has had a few relocations in the past, due to growth, you will now find them situated in Toronto's prime neighbourhood for interior design.

As you walk into their showroom in the Castlefield Design District, it is as if you have entered an antique paradise.

Moreover, the store is now owned and operated by both Sam Mirshak and daughter, Leila Mirshak. The pair pride themselves in being a first-choice resource for both design professionals and homeowners. By providing extraordinary and notable customer service and expertise, there’s no wonder they have grown to be a cherished Toronto staple.

Don’t let the store's name fool you! Aside from an array of beautiful vintage doors, your eyes will wander to stunning antique handles, ringers, knockers, hooks, copper mirrors, mantels, and so much more. 

Above all, repurposing antique pieces is the main purpose of The Door Store's business, because things just aren’t made like they used to be.

Therefore, by sourcing stock found locally and abroad, they offer a forever changing selection in the showroom that will keep you coming back.

Overall, the wide range of antiquities found here will add a touch of character and uniqueness to your space— the mark of great interior design!

The Door Store

The Door Store

The Door Store Ltd, Castlefield Avenue, York, ON, Canada