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Fresh from Vancouver, The Latest Scoop is now available in Toronto! 

The brand originally started off as a series of pop-up stores around Vancouver before eventually settling into various brick-and-mortar locations. 

Luckily, there are two locations in Toronto. You can find this lifestyle brand’s Ossington store at 115 Ossington Avenue. It is clear that they fit perfectly into this hip neighbourhood, due to the unique inventory and eclectic style of the shop. Their second location is also well situated on Queen St. West.

Inside The Latest Scoop
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Shopping The Latest Scoop is the perfect way to add a bit of fashion flair to your life, whether you are shopping for new clothes, accessories, or home decor. For example, their bestselling products include gorgeous knit cardigans, high-waisted denim, printed mules, decorative pillows, wall decorations, sheet masks, beauty serums, and so much more!

Proudly Canadian, The Latest Scoop not only carries the hottest brands from our nation, but they also scope out what is trending around the world. 

However, the store’s inventory isn’t based solely on brands. Instead, they pick pieces that inspire them and fit the vibe of the store. This means that you will always find the latest and greatest— as the store's name suggests!

The Latest Scoop Clothing
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The Latest Scoop carries all of the products that will help you live out your #goals lifestyle. 

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What's more, friendly staff will help you navigate their large collection to find the pieces that suit you and your aesthetic the best. 

However, if you can’t make it to the store, there is no need to worry!

You can shop online 24/7. 

Now shop to your heart's content for the perfect additions to your wardrobe and lifestyle, which you are bound to find at The Latest Scoop.

Location Map

The Latest Scoop — Ossington

115 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada