Nothing sparks your imagination and creativity more than reading about robots, magical monsters, and ripped spiky-haired guys fighting to the death.

If you enjoy manga, graphic novels, artworks, or even collecting vinyl figurines, locally-owned Thunderstruck Books on Bloor St. West in Toronto is the place for you.

We love whatever Japan tells us is cool!

Dobi the shop owner
Dobi the owner

Thunderstruck Books opened in 2017 and is a paradise for any anime or comic lover. Covered wall-to-wall with graphic novels, every inch of this small shop has just about anything you could ask for. 

This is because their selection of books and collectable figurines is very extensive and they carry a lot of older gems that are hard to find in larger retailers, including Funko POP!, Nendoroid, and Rock Candy.

Display of books and toys

Dobi, who is the store's owner, has made a name for herself in carrying a wide selection of manga and graphic novels. Check out Thunderstruck’s Instagram if you enjoy looking at the artwork of book covers, as well as collectable figurines.

Thunderstruck Books is a hub for manga.

BMV books, another beloved Toronto bookstore, is right across the street, Dobi states that it’s actually not bad for business. Customers can browse both stores as they are so conveniently close.

While tablets, e-books and audiobooks are quickly becoming a convenient norm in today’s society, manga and graphic novels will always be best in its natural paper and ink form. The art simply does not translate well digitally.

Graphic novel display

Thunderstruck Books also delivers and will order any comic/manga you like upon request.

Graphic novel lovers want to touch and feel the pages, admire the artistry of heroes and monsters to proudly display their collections on their bookshelves.

That's why there will always be brick and mortar shops like Thunderstruck Books.

My haul for the day

Location Map

Thunderstruck Bookstore, Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Thunderstruck Bookstore, Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada