Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden is a brand that offers fashion-forward clothing for men and women who dress with purpose.

Tiger of Sweden was founded by two tailors named Markus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordström in Uddavalla, Sweden in 1903. Then, In the '20s, they launched a line of tailored suits called "Tiger" which eventually lead to the iconic name change in 1923.

The brand is geared towards individuals who have the confidence to be themselves and want to be styled with unique designs.

Have you ever looked through magazines and catalogues from the past and loved every aspect of their perfectly tailor fashion? If so, Tiger of sweden is the store for you.

Specializing in tailored suits, that had all the men looking dapper for decades, the company made a bold move and decided to introduce a womenswear line in 1997. Subsequently, following the success of their womenswear launch, they made another introduction. In 2000, they opened a new store with a revamped line that included an introduction to their jean collection. 

With that said, Tiger of Sweden now has three main brands; men's, women's, and jeans. Not to worry — they also carry a beautiful variety of shoes and accessories.

Luckily, they opened the Toronto location on Ossington Avenue in 2013 and quickly won over the hearts of shoppers from near and far.

The minimal yet edgy vibe of the store suits the neighbourhood well — surrounded by some of the city's coolest restaurants, shops, and bars.

Additionally, this brand has hit the nail on the head in terms of designing streetwear that is both luxe and cool. Along with suiting that's perfectly tailored right off the rack, well-made leather jackets, sleek sneakers, and fashion-forward denim styles are amongst the pieces you will find at the Ossington Avenue store.

So, to all those individuals who are blessed with great style that is cool, fresh, and seemingly effortless, Tiger of Sweden is one brand that you need to become acquainted with.

Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden, Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada