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VdeV, which is pronounced “Vee de Vee”, opened its shop on 120 Ossington Avenue in 2016. Since then, the shop has not had trouble fitting in with this trendy neighbourhood, filled with cool retail shops, restaurants, and bars.

With great success at the first VdeV shop in Montreal, which opened in 2012, the owner, Fanny Vergnolle de Villers, decided to expand into the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood in Toronto. 

V de V exterior
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VdeV is a home decor and interior design store. Items sold here are furniture, lighting, kitchen, bathroom, accessories, scarves, bags, wallets, jewelry, and much more. Certainly, the curated selection reflects Fanny's love for unique, vintage inspired pieces, which is translated throughout the shop.

Moreover, The store carries a wonderful assortment of products. For one, The bags and wallets up for purchase are from the notable brand Matt & Nat. 

v de v furniture
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Fortunately, There is a price point for every customer who walks through the door, wanting to add a little something special to their home. 

For instance, the prices range from high-end furniture priced in the thousands, to decor items under $50. After all, not all beautiful decor has to break the bank.

The atmosphere of VdeV is meant to feel welcome and warm. With a stunning brick wall and wood accents all around the Ossington store, you are sure to feel this vibe. To sum it up, Fanny wants every customer to feel comfortable as if they are wandering around in their own home. 

v de v interior
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Check out VdeV on Ossington for your new favourite home decor. However, If you can’t make it into the shop, no worries! Browse the website for all of the inventory.

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120 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada