VSP Consignment

VSP Consignment is the go-to store for gently used designer finds in Toronto. Located at 1410 Dundas St. West, you can find the store nestled right at home in between some of the city's best boutiques, restaurants, and bars.

Britt Rawlinson opened the consignment boutique in Toronto in 2013. The shop was inspired by her mother's successful store, Vespucci, in Calgary.

But while Vespucci is large, spanning over 10,000-square-feet, Rawlinson's Toronto shop is smaller and carefully curated with only the best designer pieces — this store is the epitome of luxury shopping. 

VSP Consignment
VSP Consignment

Designed like a high-end boutique, VSP Consignment carries some of the world's most coveted designer labels and vintage fashion. 

The intent behind the boutique is to keep the in-store products limited so that only the best pieces are included in-store. Shoppers don't have to sift through tons of clothes to find a diamond in the rough.

At this store, every piece is going to have you falling head over heels. 

Sifting through the racks, designers you'll find include favourites like Chloe, Hermes, Prada, and Chanel, to name a few. 

VSP Shopper
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A visit to VSP Consignment, one of the most popular designer consignment stores in Toronto, you can get your hands on your favourite designer fashion without having to break the bank — prices range between 40 to 70% of the original retail cost.

Not to mention, if you have some designer pieces collecting dust in your closet, you can bring it to VSP for consignment where you'll get 50% of the selling price.

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If you aren’t able to make it in-store, the boutique also has an online store so designer obsessed shoppers can get their hands on new releases from wherever they are.

Whether you are looking to shop for a brand new luxury piece or finding the perfect shop to give your old designer threads to, VSP Consignment is the go-to shop for you.

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VSP Consignment

1410 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada