“The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth” is Headed to Toronto

“The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth” is making its way up north with its first appearance in Canada, scheduled for Saturday October 14th, 2017.

“The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth” is making its way up north with its first appearance in Canada, scheduled for Saturday October 14th, 2017. Sneaker Con has visited numerous international cities this year, having been to London, Melbourne, and Hong Kong prior to their much anticipated stop in Toronto.

Sneaker Con held its first show in March of 2009 at New York City and has evolved tremendously throughout the years, growing alongside the sneaker culture. The organizers of Sneaker Con saw a successful blueprint, drawing inspiration from other world famous conventions such as Comic Con and Beauty Con.

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Image: SneakerNews

Yu-Ming Wu, the co-founder of Sneaker Con and Sneaker News, has said that this has become the sneaker culture’s Comic Con, with many individuals putting focus on their outfits in order to make a statement. Just like the importance of cosplay at Comic Con, a fresh outfit from head to toe will be a necessity for everyone in attendance.

In addition to all of the sneakers that you will be able to see on the feet of attendees, you will also have an opportunity meet your favourite sneaker YouTube personalities! Sneaker Con has become a great way to meet these “Shoe Tubers,” who have gained great followings online. “Shoe Tubers” such as Qias Omar and Canada’s own Tom Stefaniuk, have been able to meet fans from all over the world through the sneaker convention. 

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Image: Sneaker Bar Detroit

Visitors will also have an opportunity to buy, sell, and trade some sneakers at the one-day event, as there will be some of the biggest resellers from the U.S. and Canada. These resellers will be carrying some of the rarest sneakers available on the market, so if you are on the hunt for a certain exclusive pair, Sneaker Con is your best bet! 

sneaker con toronto
Image: SneakerCon.com

Sneaker Con Toronto will be held at the Enercare Centre, Canada’s largest exhibition and convention centre that is located on the grounds of Exhibition Place. The event will run from 12pm to 7pm on Saturday October 14th, but be sure to get there nice and early if you want to be one of the first ones to enter. You can purchase your tickets now at SneakerCon.com/Toronto!

sneaker con toronot
Image: SneakerCon.com

Will you check out Sneaker Con Toronto?

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