Style Spotlight: Jasmine Lorimer

Finding love is hard. Finding love on national television? Even harder but our next Style Spotlight made it work. Meet Jasmine Lorimer, Canada’s first ever Bachelorette.
Style Spotlight: Jasmine Lorimer

Finding love is hard. Finding love on national television? Even harder but our next Style Spotlight made it work.

Allow us to introduce you to Jasmine Lorimer. 

If you recognize Lorimer, it’s likely because you watched 20 bachelors compete for her heart on the hit reality TV show, The Bachelorette Canada. But prior to starring on the show, Lorimer was just a regular girl that came from a small town in Ontario with a passion for adventure and the outdoors, leading her to move to British Columbia.

After applying to be Canada’s first ever Bachelorette on a whim, Lorimer won over the hearts of Canadians and the men vying for her attention.

We had the opportunity to talk to her about her personal style, the one thing she would change about Vancouver, and what she loves about Toronto. Check out our interview below.

Image: Thomas Bullock

Tell us about you and what you do. 

My name is Jasmine Lorimer. I’m 28 years old from a small town in Ontario and I’m Canada’s first ever Bachelorette. Since the show, things have been different but I’ve continued to do what I love; working (I’ve been a hair stylist for 10 years), getting outside, getting inspired. I like to keep at least one exciting opportunity on my horizon, whether it be skiing next Thursday, taking a trip somewhere I’ve never been, or even something as simple as checking out a lake in an area that I haven’t seen yet. Life has so much to offer and you have to take advantage of it!

Define your style in three words.

Laidback, versatile, easy.

What are some of your own style ‘rules’ that you like to live by?

I prefer like most people, to dress for my mood, so it changes but I typically keep things fairly casual. I prefer easy trends as opposed to shopping high-end but I make sure that if I am wearing something more casual, that my shoes and makeup look put together. 

Image: Thomas Bullock

If you could implement one change in your town/city, what would it be? 

I could speak about a few different towns that I’ve lived in but I’ll speak about Vancouver, which is where I lived most recently, for 4 years. Vancouver is an incredible city. It’s beautiful, set within an unbelievable landscape and easy to get around. But what I’ve noticed is that people can be very closed off toward meeting other people. It doesn’t quite have the “community” feel that I wish it did. It would be so amazing if people would just interact with each other more… Smile at someone when you walk by, make conversation with a stranger… It’d change everyone’s entire mood.

List the top five things about Toronto that you love!

I love the friendly vibe of the city. I love the unique neighbourhoods and the character of the old buildings and homes. I love how close it is to lake country and how easily you can travel to other countries, with Toronto being a major hub. There isn’t a city in Canada with as much diversity and culture and it’s the closest thing to New York in terms of its art scene. There’s so much to do and so much to learn. And so much to EAT!! 

To keep with Jasmine Lorimer, follow her on Instagram at @jasmine.lorimer

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