This Convenience Store In Toronto Sells Your Favourite Korean Skincare

This Convenience Store In Toronto Sells Your Favourite Korean Skincare

As everyone knows, Asian skincare products have been all the rage these days. From face masks to cleansers, moisturizers too – basically anything you can imagine, they have it (and they do it better). They also do it cheaper, but sometimes it can be a pain to get it shipped to Canada. With shipping fees and waiting weeks for it to finally arrive, it’s sometimes not worth it. Luckily, a brand new Japanese convenience store has made it’s way to downtown Toronto.

Sukoshi Mart opened a few months ago and has been getting a lot of hype due to its variety of food items and twists on classic treats that are available in Japan. Right now, they sell bento boxes, fresh cheese tarts, crackers, cookies, chips, a variety of ramen and tons more. Make sure you try the Green Tea Kit Kats!

Most importantly, they have a massive range of face masks from the most popular Asian skincare brands – even at a reasonable price. You can grab $3 for $10 or $5 for $15! They even have lots of other skin and beauty products like lotions, lip balms, cleaners, and more. Take note of this spot!

Featured Image: Instagram/@sukoshimart

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