Swoop Is Having A Massive Seat Sale With Seats Starting At $19

Swoop Is Having A Massive Seat Sale With Seats Starting At $19
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If you haven’t had enough vacation over your summer, you’ll be happy to hear about the amazing deal that one Canadian airline is having right now. Grabbing yourself a seat is the perfect treat to yourself before we transition into the cold, gloomy weather!

Swoop is hosting a $99 or less seat sale, and seats start as low as $19 depending on where you’re based.

The no frills airline started the sale with 40,000 seats, all set at a price of $99 or less. For those who don’t know, Swoop is WestJet’s low-cost sister that flies out of Canadian cities like Hamilton, London, Abbotsford, and more.

swoop airline birthday sale

From Hamilton, there are a number of different one-way deals that can be found starting as low as $59, including:

  • Hamilton to Cancun, $99
  • Hamilton to Las Vegas, $99
  • Hamilton to Puerto Vallarta, $99
  • Hamilton to Orlando, $89
  • Hamilton to Tampa, $89
  • Hamilton to Edmonton, $79
  • Hamilton to Halifax, $59
  • Hamilton to Winnipeg, $59
  • Hamilton to Abbotsford, $99
swoop airline birthday sale

Other great deals in Ontario fly out from the London airport.

Some of the flight deals that you can score from Swoop from London, Ontario include:

  • London to Cancun, $99
  • London to Las Vegas, $79
  • London to Orlando, $79
  • London to Edmonton, $49
  • London to Halifax, $59
  • London to Abbotsford, $59
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If you’re based in British Columbia, you can find the following deals in the Swoop sale:

  • Abbotsford to Las Vegas, $79
  • Abbotsford to Mazatlan, $99
  • Abbotsford to Puerto Vallarta, $99
  • Abbotsford to Edmonton, $19
  • Abbotsford to Hamilton, $79
  • Abbotsford to Winnipeg, $79
  • Abbotsford to London, $49
  • Kelowna to Las Vegas, $85
  • Kelowna to Winnipeg, $49

The travel period is between September 9 and December 11, 2019 with blackout dates of October 10 to 15 and November 7 to 12, 2019.

But you’re going to want to act fast with this Swoop sale. These deals won’t last long. The sale officially ends on August 19, 2019, but could end earlier depending on how quickly the seats sell. To book your seat, visit FlySwoop.com.

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