Taco Bell With Booze Coming To Toronto?

It looks like Taco Bell’s Cantina Concept is coming to Toronto
Taco Bell With Booze Coming To Toronto?

Last September BlogTO published an article suggesting that the Hideout at 482 Queen Street West,  which was set to close would turn into an alcohol slingin’ Taco Bell.

In an effort to appeal to Millenials, Taco Bell has launched a location in Chicago and Vegas called Taco Bell Cantina that serves wine, beer, sangria and frozen mixed drinks. Among serving drinks, the menu varies a little bit in that the Cantina locations serve “tapas-style” appetizers and tries to be more “fast-casual” than “fast-food”.



It looks as if this concept is coming to Toronto, as images of a new Taco Bell location with a request for an alcohol permit have appeared on Reddit through user BillyHowes.

While we can’t confirm 100% that a Taco Bell Cantina is coming to Toronto, the evidence makes it look fairly likely.

While the foodies of Toronto will think this is an atrocious idea, the weekend bar crowd that hops around queen street west will likely flock to a place with affordable passable food and cheap drinks.