Take A peek Inside The New Canada Goose Store At Sherway gardens

Take A peek Inside The New Canada Goose Store At Sherway gardens

Now that we’re experiencing super cold temperatures, snow, and icy winds, the odds that folks are reaching for their parkas are incredibly high. If you don’t have a parka or are in need of a new one, then we highly encourage you to head to the new Canada Goose store that’s located at CF Sherway Gardens.

This new store, that’s open now, is called The Journey and it’s a retail concept that’s the first of its kind for Canada Goose.

new canada goose store
CNW Group/Canada Goose

“In retail, experience is everything – and trying on a Canada Goose jacket for the first time is a powerful experience. This new store amplifies that moment by creating an environment that digitally and physically transports people into the Arctic in innovative, surprising, and inspiring ways,” said Dani Reiss, President & CEO, Canada Goose in a release. “The way people shop is changing and I’m excited to be a leader in defining the future of retail.”

This fully immersive retail experience is one that needs to be seen in order to believed. Even entering the store itself is unique. Customers will walk through a “crevasse” which is the deepest part of a glacier. It’s there that they’ll walk over “ice” and hear the sound of ice cracking as they walk.

Walking through the crevasse is just the start of your experience.

new canada goose store
CNW Group/Canada Goose

You’ll then enter the Elements Room and it has 60-foot wide curved displays that project sweeping British Columbia landscapes. You’ll also inhale the sweet scent of the Canadian outdoors through a diffuser.

In this room, shoppers will have the opportunity to learn about the history behind the brand’s hero Snow Mantra parka through interactive red laser “hotspots” on the coats. Folks will simply touch a hotspot, and the screen behind the coat will share a fact about the coat.

new canada goose store
CNW Group/Canada Goose

Once you meet with your Brand Ambassador, you’ll head into the Gear Room where you’ll get outfitted in a Canada Goose Snow Mantra jacket. These are the same jackets that are standard issue, and are worn by those who visit Antarctica.

Once you’ve got your jacket on, you’ll head into the Cold Room where you’ll instantly be transported to the Arctic.

The Cold Room’s temperature is set at -12°C and it features floor-to-ceiling Arctic landscapes and actual snow on the ground. It’s there that you’ll really feel true warmth in a Canada Goose jacket.

The Cold Room offers two original films, which will change seasonally and are narrated by four-time Yukon Quest and Iditarod champion, Lance Mackey, and Indigenous activist and artist, Sarain Fox.

new canada goose store
CNW Group/Canada Goose

What else makes this store different? Well, believe it or not, this new Canada Goose store is inventory-free.

You read that right: there is zero inventory in the store. Visitors to the store can browse the full catalogue of Canada Goose products with the help of their Brand Ambassador. These knowledgable associates will help them select the perfect Canada Goose product for any adventure or environment that suits their lifestyle.

If you purchase your Canada Goose jacket before 1:30 p.m. and you live or are staying in the Greater Toronto Area, it’ll be delivered the same day.


The new Canada Goose store is now open at CF Sherway Gardens.

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