The 15 Best Halloween Parties Happening in Toronto This Year

Halloween in the city never fails to be a good time, and this year is no different with a lineup up of events that are sure to be frightfully fun.
The 15 Best Halloween Parties Happening in Toronto This Year

Halloween in the city never fails to be a good time, and this year is no different with a lineup up of events that are sure to be frightfully fun. Whether you’re looking to turn up or oggle some amazing costumes, there are spooky parties happening in almost every neighbourhood. But with so much going on, it can be hard to choose; that’s why we compiled this list of the top throwdowns, guaranteed to be a night to remember. Take a look at the best Halloween parties happening in Toronto this year, and get excited!

Dark Waters

Ripley’s Aquarium

October 26th

This isn’t your average Halloween party since you’ll be surrounded by fish and all the creatures of the deep. Dark Waters will be taking place at none other than Ripley’s Aquarium – cue Jaws music and get ready to explore the aquarium like you never have before.

Death to T.O.

Lee’s Palace

October 26th

Lee’s Palace will be throwing their 8th annual Death to T.O. Halloween gathering, and you can rest assured that the night will be filled with all the legendary live covers you been waiting for. Think Radiohead, Rob Zombie, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Presley and more.

Damn Fine Party

Gladstone Hotel

October 27th

As the Gladstone puts it, this Halloween party is going to be damn fine. Like a murder mystery and scavenger hunt all in one, this event comes complete with a backstory that will see the party began at a secret location before heading to the Gladstone. Make sure to purchase your ticket prior to the date and you’ll be emailed further instructions.

Night Of Dread

Dufferin Grove Park

October 27th

Get ready for an outdoor night of spooky fun, during Night of Dread at Dufferin Grove Park. The family-friendly event will include a parade, music, and masquerade, along with a number of other outdoor activities. Admission can be paid online or directly at the event.

Halloween at Lavelle


October 27th

If you’re feeling bougie this Halloween, then head over to Lavelle for a frightfully stylish party (as stylish as Halloween costumes can be). The night will be filled with Halloween anthems, old school beats, hip-hop, and retro, complete with a spectacular view of the city at night.

Halloween Rooftop Silent Disco


October 27th

Hemmingway’s is also having a rooftop party, however, contrary to Lavelle, this one is going to be a silent disco complete with three different channels to suit your mood: 80’s, 90’s and 2k throwbacks, Top 40, and hip-hop and R&B. If you have a group of friends all in the mood for different genres of music, this is the perfect Halloween party for you.

The Strange


October 27th

Something strange is going on at Uniun nightclub! While you can be guaranteed to turn up like at any other Uniun Saturday, the night won’t be without Halloween costumes of course. Get wild to the tunes of resident DJ Chris Laroque, and party into the early morning.

Scary Potter

Track & Field Bar

October 27th

Harry Potter and Halloween seem like a match made in heaven with all the spooky things going on at Hogwarts. If you’re a fan of the wizarding world, head over to Track & Field Bar for Scary Potter… who solemnly swears that they’re up to no good?

Status Halloween

Cube Nightclub

October 27th

Status Halloween at Cube Nightclub is sure to be another rager, complete with music by Trapment. But FYI; this crowd is 21 and up – sorry youngins’, this party is meant for a slightly more adult crowd.

Rue Morgue

Opera House

October 27th

The Opera House is calling all vampires, witches, werewolves, and ghouls! Rue Morgue, aka The devil’s playground, is not joking around, with a mandatory costume policy in effect. Only serious Halloween goers here, but it’s totally worth it since there are over $1000 in cash prizes for the Midnight Costume Contest!

Hey Ghoul Hey

The Garrison

October 27th

Hey, Girl Hey is changing into Hey Ghoul Hey, for this haunted Halloween extravaganza at the Garrison. The LGBT party is asking you to show up in your best lewks; trust, you won’t regret it since they’re handing out a cash prize to the best costume. Plus, there will be lots of candy to go around.

Haunted Hotel

Thompson Hotel Lounge

October 27th

The 4th annual Haunted Hotel is back at the Thompson, which will see an entire building takeover making it the largest Halloween gathering in the city. The party will be taking place in Wildflower, the Wellington Grand Ballroom, the Lobby, and the Rooftop. Over $15,000 has been spent on decor, and $1000 on candy stations.

Halloween on Church

Church Street

October 31st

The Halloween gathering on Church Street is perhaps the biggest outdoor party in the city, and past years’ have boasted some of the most elaborate and spectacular costumes out there. Thousands show up between Gloucester Street and Wood Street, so make sure you’re down to people watch and are okay with big crowds!

Dead Presidents

Petty Cash

October 31st

The newest hotspot on King Street is getting in on the Halloween spirit with their first rendition of Dead Presidents. Start early as this party opens at 5 pm and has NO cover at the door. You can be guaranteed that the place will be packed and a ton of fun.



October 31st

Calling all clubbers and ravers, Rebel is turning into an Asylum on Halloween and will be the biggest and baddest party happening on the 31st. With theatrics by Black Mohawk Productions and music by DJ Narvas, Jed Harper, Scotty Scratch and more, Asylum is the haunted house party you can’t miss. Dress to impress, as there is a grand cash prize of $7,500 for best costume.

Do you know any other fun Halloween parties happening in Toronto? Let us know in the comment section.