8 Of The Best Vegan Brands For Bags & Accessories

8 Of The Best Vegan Brands For Bags & Accessories

If you’re on the hunt for new bags and accessories, you should definitely check out some vegan options. Over the years, vegan and leather alternatives have amped up the game and have become quite luxurious. Feel good about what you’re using to accessorize your outfit and check out these labels below.

Here are the best vegan brands for bags and accessories.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat focuses on showing appreciation and cherishing the creativity and positivity found in all of us. Each season, the brand continues to explore and utilize innovative ways to improve its sustainable and eco-friendly ways, while still producing high-quality and timeless products. Since 2007, Matt & Nat has been committed to using linings made solely of 100% recycled plastic bottles, which they now recycled over 9 million bottles a year.


Contemporary, fashionable, and affordable, Lambert’s bags and accessories are made for people on the go who aren’t willing to compromise ethical and sustainable standards for the trendiest of styles. Lambert’s bags and accessories are Canadian-designed, PETA-certified, and authentically stylish. Made from PU leather (polyurethane), Lambert is changing the vegan leather world with its multifunctional bags that are made to last!

ai Toronto Seoul

Founded by Hannah Kim, her mother, and her two sisters, ai Toronto Seoul is a Toronto-based, sustainable fashion brand that uses entirely vegan leather for its beautiful range of PETA-approved handbags and accessories that are made in Seoul. The stunning collection includes totes, work bags, clutches, bucket and cross-body bags, backpacks, card cases, hair accessories, and more. 


JW PEI is a Los Angeles-based accessories brand founded by a husband and wife duo. The inspiration behind the company was the idea that fashion should be accessible, effortless, and empowering, so its minimalist design in sustainable vegan materials is at the heart of the brand. The beautiful styles and vibrant colours are a great addition to your bag and accessories collection.

Stella McCartney

You’ve definitely heard of the brand, Stella McCartney, but did you know that it has never used leather, feathers, fur or skin since day one? By taking this powerful stance, it’s proof that it’s possible to create beautiful luxury products that are totally vegan.  Stella McCartney uses cruelty-free alternatives that look and feel luxurious and have an environmental impact that’s up to 24 times lower than animal leathers.

Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood prioritizes minimizing its environmental impact without compromising style. The brand chooses to remain transparent, in every step toward greater sustainability, so customers can feel good about what they’re accessorizing with. Plus, all of its packaging is 100% biodegradable.


With just $500 Salima started SAMARA in December 2017 because she couldn’t find a bag that was cruelty-free, simple, and elegant. She named the brand after her younger sister Samara, who joined her shortly after, and the two of them run the company in memory of their mother. Now, the brand has grown to have a cult following thanks to its sleek, efficient, and cruelty-free designs.


Being a pioneer in the luggage and handbag space, Bentley has established itself as the largest retailer of everyday and travel essentials across Canada. The Riona Collection offers chic handbags, wallets, keychains, backpacks, and more, that are all made out of vegan materials!

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