11 Of The Best Consignment Apps to Download

11 Of The Best Consignment Apps to Download

We’re setting a new intention for 2020 for you: shop more sustainably. There are numerous benefits to shopping with a conscious through consignment apps. Finding unique products for low prices are among them, in addition to the fact that they’re a goldmine for vintage lovers. Plus, with the resale market at an all-time high, the selection of top-of-the-line merchandise available to online shoppers is larger than ever before. Case in point: there’s simply never been a better time to buy secondhand. Think in the “adopt don’t shop” way of things — upcycling is an easy way to contribute to a more circular economy.

When it comes to looking for legit designer and name brand items to add to your wardrobe, the easy move is to go straight to the source. But, next time you go out looking for a quality, splurge-worthy piece, ask yourself: has it been recycled? We bet is has.

Here we break down 11 of the best free consignment apps to shop in 2020. Get your download buttons ready.


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Why not start with one of the resale world’s OG’s? Not only can you buy almost anything on eBay, the site also has an impressive selection of luxury items, including a wide variety of vintage Louis Vuitton.

Known for: Everything from name brand and designer jewellery, watches, clothing, collectibles, and much more.

Authentication process: eBay’s Authenticate program consists of expert sellers whose authentication capabilities have been vetted by independent experts verify each designer item. You can shop on eBay without fear of being scammed for a fake because each item labeled “eBay Authenticate” is already in eBay’s possession when you purchase it.


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Heroine is a community-driven marketplace for women’s fashion and streetwear. Think of it as a place to shop all your favourite avant-garde, cool-girl designers like Isabel Marant, Commes Des Garcons, Celine, and Maison Martin Margiela.

Known for: Well-rounded collection of new and vintage designer clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Authentication process: The team at Heroine is constantly monitoring the marketplace for fraudulent items and dishonest buyers/sellers. The site’s Zero-Tolerance Policy means that anyone posting counterfeit goods or posting items they do not own will be immediately frozen from the site.

Basic Space

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Basic Space is a consignment app the first-of-its-kind as sellers are invite only. Bridging the gap between traditional consignment, online retail, and event-based shopping, customers can shop a variety of specially curated merchandise and experiences directly from handpicked curators. In other words, you can shop directly from the closests of your most-loved influencers. How cool is that?

Known for: Exclusive access to curated vintage apparel from the likes of Girlboss founder Sophia Amuroso, Sporty & Rich founder Emily Oberg, and designer Sami Miro

Authentication process: Basic Space only works with trusted sellers, and their in-house luxury authenticators review every item that arrives at its warehouse. The team double checks materials, logos, tags, quality, and hardware before adding products to their platform.


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Sneakerheads, unite. If you haven’t already visited the GOAT app, you’re in for a treat – it’ll be your new favourite place to find name brand and designer sneakers online for lower prices. GOAT’s app allows you to save all your favourite styles and it’ll send you notifications when prices drop.

Known for: The largest selection of Yeezys, Air Jordans, new releases, classic styles, apparel, and accessories.

Authentication process: All resale products sold on GOAT are verified by a combination of machine learning technology and by hand. The company has logged hundreds of thousands of data points on its products to help define its authenticity. GOAT’s specialists also go through rigorous training and inspect everything from labels and stitching, to texture, color, and more. And, if a product is found to be inauthentic or not as described, you’ll get a notification and be offered a full refund for your order. Bonus!

The RealReal

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Growing steadily since 2011, The RealReal hosts millions of shoppers, consignors, and now has three brick-and-mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles. The RealReal has become the world’s largest and most trusted marketplace for authenticated luxury, marketing sustainability by empowering consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods. The brand has partnered with designers like Stella McCartney to give last seasons looks an afterlife, and in addition to creating a one-of-a-kind sustainability calculator, the company has also committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2021.

Known for: Women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion, fine jewelry, watches, fine art, home decor, and amazing deals.

Authentication process: The Real Real is the only reseller in the world that authenticates every single item it sells to remove fakes and counterfeits from the industry. The site also employs over 100 brand authenticators, gemologists, and horologists who oversee the authentication process. Each one of them has a profile on the company’s website.


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Now joined by 10 million users, Depop was originally a social network constructed by co-founder of PIG magazine Simon Beckerman, where PIG’s readers could buy items featured on its pages. Today, Depop is home to influencers across fashion, design, art, music, and more. On Depop, you can discover unique name brand and designer items from creatives across the world. 

Known for: Everything from Nike sneakers to Gucci totes. P.S.A: Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad lists tons of designer items on her Depop feed.

Authentication process: Depop has partnered with Real Authentication, a company that services brands like Alexander Mcqueen and Burberry, which digitally authenticates a selection of high-end products. Look for a green tick in the comments or a Real Authentication certificate to verify an item has been authenticated on the Depop app.


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Kin to Heroine, Grailed is another place for hype beasts to shop a broad selection of streetwear. Think: Supreme, Off-White, Balenciaga, and so many more.

Known for: High-quality men’s streetwear and designer pieces.  

Authentication process: Expert moderators at Grailed are continuously reviewing and verifying listings for authenticity. The team checks labels, patterns, textiles, and many other details to make sure items are the real deal.


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Meet the designer bag retailer of your dreams. Rebag purchases high-end designer handbags for cash, offering beautiful styles from over 50 brands. You’ll see new arrivals arrive on the Rebag app and at its Los Angeles, Miami, and New York stores every week, making your digital or in-person shopping experience a literal handbag heaven. And with Rebag Infinity, it’s totally cool to have a 6 month fling with any one of your favourite designer purses, and then return it for up to 70 per cent of its purchase price. #NoBaggage is right – and you bet you can use your Rebag credit towards your next buy.   

Known for: Quality and quantity of high-end designer handbags, especially Hermes and Chanel

Authentication process:  Every handbag undergoes a white-glove inspection and in-house multilayered evaluation by Rebag authentication experts before its listed for sale.


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Choose used with thredUP and get up to 90 per cent off brands ranging from Gap to Gucci. With a strong mission to reduce textile waste, thredUP has a hand in supporting the Circular Fashion Fund, a non-profit organization that identifies, vets, and distributes funds to organizations and individuals committed to a more sustainable future. To date, thredUP’s automated Upcycled Centers have redistributed 65 million garments, meaning its commitment to encouraging others to think secondhand first is working.

Known for: High quality, secondhand name brand and designer clothing at some of the steepest discounts there is.

Authentication process: thredUp has a staff of highly trained authenticators with extensive experience in identifying fake designer items that ensures there is no counterfeit “luxe” product that enters their inventory.


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When you have 100 million items and 5,000 brands to choose from, finding products you love isn’t hard on an app like Poshmark. And if you’ve ever wished for an online shopping buddy, now’s the time to attend a Posh Party – a series of virtual buying and selling events on the Poshmark app that you can browse and list on together with your friends.

Known for: Name brand and designer accessories, bags, clothing, shoes, makeup, home essentials, decor, and even party supplies at up to 70 per cent off their regular price. 

Authentication process: As soon as you purchase a luxury item on Poshmark, it gets shipped to the company’s headquarters for authentication. Its staff inspects everything from hardware to logos before shipping your precious cargo to you.  


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Operating out of Detroit, Michigan, StockX sells some of the hottest street-sneakers on the market, as well as luxury designer items and memorabilia. The company is also the world’s first stock market for “things” – a live bid/ask marketplace. Think of StockX as your authority on all things Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy, and streetwear brands such as Supreme and Off-White.

Known for: Sneakers, streetwear, handbags, and watches.

Authentication process: You never have to worry about legitimate buyers or sellers on StockX, as the company acts as a middleman in every transaction so that anonymity can remain in tact. First, sellers ship to StockX, then the company puts every item through a rigorous two-step verification and authentication process. As a result, less than point three per cent of StockX customers are ever unhappy with their purchases. If that satisfaction rate isn’t enough reassurance for you, what is?

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