10 Glamorous Celebrity House Tours To Feed Your Design Inspo

10 Glamorous Celebrity House Tours To Feed Your Design Inspo
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In recent months, it seems that the internet’s fascination over celebrity houses has been reborn with a bombardment of “Inside the home of…” and “NFL star shows off his…” YouTube videos. We’re going to go ahead and assume that if you were as obsessed with MTV’s Cribs as we were, (cue the iconic clip of Usher’s bottled water and wine filled fridge), then you’ve probably already hopped back on the house tour watching wagon. With A-listers of all industries willing to share the nitty gritty details of their lives on social media now more than ever, a look inside their homes is revealing and infinitely more entertaining. 

Here are 10 celebrity house tours that show how each star defines their style and ideas of true glitz and glam.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson (a.k.a Anastasia Steele) lives in the most serene ’70s inspired, vintage-clad Hollywood home complete with a record collection, and enough antique decor for the entire cast and crew of 50 Shades Of Gray to eat off of. In the mid-century modern house tour she gave Architectural Digest, Johnson proudly shows off an orange tree she planted in her hilly backyard and a hot tub with a birds eye view of the property, which looks like the perfect place to listen to some Fleetwood Mac on vinyl and get to California dreamin’. 

Athena Calderone

‘Lifestyle Goddess’ Athena Calderone’s family home in Brooklyn might just be the most elegant, impeccably decorated, and designed brownstone on the block. With a striking black and white contrast playing a theme throughout the house’s lofty rooms, grand art deco moldings and furnishings in muted tones fill them while slabs of stunning pink marble make a surprise appearance on the walls of the bathroom. There couldn’t be a better place to Live Beautiful.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell, partner Matte Babel, and daughter Atlas share a sun-filled, Mediterranean-inspired abode with a heavy emphasis on Moroccan details. A collection of unique, imported vintage furnishings scored by interior designer Chad Wood add to the home’s warmth, including a cozy, studded leather couch that sits next to the main fireplace, and an authentic Moroccan orbed lantern. The cherry on top of this celebrity house tour is Atlas’ nursery — a mauve-y sleep haven that’s oh so feminine and calming. 

JJ Reddick

If you’re a condo dweller, one look inside NBA shooting guard JJ Reddick’s warehouse apartment in DUMBO will have you envious over the amount of space he has. And not just space, but sheer charm. From the specially printed powder room wallpaper inspired by his wife’s favourite Louis Vuitton purse, to the remarkable Lacanche oven in the kitchen, to the view of the lake from the nearly 2,500-square foot terrace, Reddick’s place is a sight to see.  

Dwight Howard

Perhaps the only thing more impressive in size than Dwight Howard is his $8.8 million Atlanta mansion. With 35,000 square feet, five kitchens, and a 14 car garage, the presence of Howard’s home is enough to make you ask yourself: what does one do with all that space? And believe it or not, there’s only one person that tends to the never ending grounds around Howard’s house. How do they do it all? We’ll never know. 

Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan

Designer Jonathan Adler and husband Simon Doonan live in a New York apartment that’s as fantasy-filled and colourful as Adler’s home collection. Between its grand structure and a ‘dark’, ‘clubby’ secret passageway that leads to the master bedroom, the artistic details are intentional yet effortless. Though the interior comes off as fun and cheeky, (similar to Adler’s brand), it’s also classical and luxurious, (also like Adler’s brand). It’d be hard not to fall down the rabbit hole at his place, but who wouldn’t want to?

Jeffree Star

With nearly 23 million views on YouTube, makeup artist, entrepreneur, and business mogul behind Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, almost broke the internet at the beginning of 2020 with a tour of his new dream home. Complete with a ‘Willy Wonka-style’ glass elevator, a deluxe movie theatre, and its very own security office, the opulence of Star’s mansion is astounding.   

Tan France

Now a host on Netflix’s smashing fashion design competition, Next In Fashion, Tan France of Queer Eye has skyrocketed to fame over to the past two years. And it appears that the English fashion designer and author’s styling talents have lent themselves well to curating a home fit perfectly for the Frances, as shown in Tan’s Open Door tour for Architectural Digest. If you’re familiar with his personal style as a result of binge watching Queer Eye, than you can probably agree that the France home is indicative of his fashion sense – it’s clean, sleek, and timeless.  

Cardi B & Offset

Cardi B and husband Offset recently showed social media a sneak peek into their brand new dream house — a $5.8 million mansion in the ritzy Buckhead area of Atlanta. To ring in the New Year and celebrate their two year wedding anniversary, Cardi B and Offset purchased the 22,000-square foot mega-mansion that sits on 6 acres of land. It also comes equipped with five bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, an infinity pool, 1,800-bottle wine cellar, and underground shooting range. In 2020, this is what hip hop royalty looks like.    

Steve Aoki

In Las Vegas, legendary electronic DJ Steve Aoki resides in a ‘mega playhouse’ that features an adult-sized foam pit, life-size figurines of Aoki himself, artwork by Banksy, a recording studio, a skateboarding half-pipe, and so much more. You’d think that with performing over 300 dance music shows, Aoki wouldn’t have the energy to mess around at home. Ironically, the nature of its design tells us that the exact opposite is true. 

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