12 Of The Best Places To Buy A Spring Wedding Guest Dress

12 Of The Best Places To Buy A Spring Wedding Guest Dress

Just when you thought you had winter wedding season figured out, done, and dusted, three more invitations have shown up at your doorstep the second that temperatures began to rise. When it comes to dressing up, a springtime celebration of love has its own set of pros: extra layers are no longer needed to protect you from the cold (goodbye, stockings!), open-toed shoes are most likely an option depending on the weather, a whole new colour palette is available to choose from, and the list goes on. With that said, a spring wedding presents a major con to those that are transitioning from their winter wardrobes with nothing but a repeat-wedding-dress to wear. 

Finding a versatile, quality gown on a strict timeline that won’t totally break the bank (especially when you consider how many times you’ll rewear it) isn’t an easy task. And wouldn’t preparing for an event you’re supposed to enjoy instead of stress about be so much easier if you knew that you could go back to the same place, whenever you needed, to find another seasonal, figure-flattering design?

Right in time for the onslaught of warm weather weddings you’re bound to attend, we’ve got 12 go-to dress brands for you to buy from listed below. Express shipping, please. 

Christy Dawn

spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Mother Earth in either flats, sandals, or pull-on boots as to not sacrifice her personal style.
The venue: If there’s an indie band playing acapella covers by firelight and lanterns scattered throughout the grass, a Christy Dawn prairie dress will do the trick. 

Rebecca Taylor

The vibe: Mediterranean dancing queen seeking her own Mamma Mia moment and hoping to look just as good in her gladiator sandals as she does in her mules.
The venue: Anywhere there’s a long dining table draped in white at sunset, an open dance floor, mineral-y white wine, and tapas being served by the seaside, a Rebecca Taylor design belongs. 


spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Sophisticated, life of the party kind of girl who’ll pull off wearing her wedding guest dress to her 10 a.m. business meeting the next day.
The venue: From a gothic cathedral to an intimate dinner in the red light of the bride and groom’s favourite neighbourhood dive, a Coach dress amplifies the atmosphere it’s worn in and smolders at the same time.   

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson

The vibe: Globally-inspired goddess ready for a night in the dry, warm air at the indoor/outdoor cocktail reception.
The venue: Open desert, terracotta, and candles on cocktail tables are the major themes here, and a punchy, printed Ulla Johnson dress is all this picture needs to be complete.   

Ever New Melbourne

The vibe: Feminine frock lover envisioning how many ways she can rework a new dress for a communion, graduation, or Easter brunch.
The venue: Wearing an Ever New Melbourne dress to a family-filled event where the crowd is small, pastels are as plentiful as the floral arrangements, and the atmosphere is laid back is a no brainer.  


spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Gypsy lady who’s only style philosophy is boho or go home.
The venue: If you don’t need to worry about wearing shoes throughout the entire ceremony and reception, a shifty Spell dress is the only adornment you’ll need. It’ll look pretty up against the light of the beach bonfire and colourful bohemian fabrics gently laid over the sand.  

Alice + Olivia

spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Chic yet playful, this bird’s as ready to break it down on the dance floor with your Papi as she’s able to discuss NYFW’s biggest mishaps with poise and a dirty martini in-hand.
The venue: An Alice + Olivia number makes the transition from classic Manhattan courthouse to Brooklyn speakeasy real seamless, real quick. Especially if there’s a photo booth and a velvet couch involved in the reception.       

Kate Spade

spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Slightly kitschy, colourful, and cute, she’s the most darling, vintage-inspired baby at the gathering.
The venue: Could there be a better designer to wear to a garden party? Not when a Kate Spade dress makes the biggest pop! against a backdrop of Easter-coloured flowers, mounds of sweet treats piled on a singular picnic table, and mismatched teacups.  


The vibe: Outfitted in streetwear on the regular, the skater girl who prefers a simple dress for roominess can also be comfortable in her sandals or sneakers to avoid tripping down the aisle.
The venue: Between the quaint, semi-casual Los Angeles chapel and reception at The Beverly Hills Hotel, a Maje dress is fitting for an afternoon spent moving from one topiaried location to the other under the sun.


spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Timeless, elegant, and always playing with the boundaries between her wardrobe of streetwear and items she can wear to the office, this minimalist is least likely to fuss with her dress all night since it’s like a second skin. 
The venue: Where there’s red checkered tablecloths, a cobblestone patio covered by a fabric awning, records playing, and cold orange wine by the bottle within a short walk of the train, a Sandro dress is reception ready.


spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: Whether we’re debating which bridesmaid is going to catch the bouquet or who’s shoes will come off first (the bride’s or the groom’s), one thing’s for sure: the queen in the sequin dress is bringing her attitude and her sparkle to the table.
The venue: An Eloquii dress shows up to the bought-out restaurant/bar and shows out on the patio complete with cocktail tables, chimeneas, and flannel blankets for when the night dips downs. (To be used once said Eloquii girl busts more than a few moves on the dance floor and kicks off her own shoes for the evening.)     


spring wedding guest dress

The vibe: That one flower child with a bit of southern charm.
The venue: Lace, doilies, fresh petals, and splashes of pink and blue inside a royal ballroom of sorts is where a Loveshackfancy gown fits right in.    

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