The Yummiest Places to Get Fried Chicken in Toronto

If you can’t get enough of fried chicken, check out the yummiest places to get it in Toronto.
The Yummiest Places to Get Fried Chicken in Toronto

Fried chicken is a classic southern comfort food that has staked its claim as a must-have in Toronto. It surpassed the ranks of Popeyes and KFC, becoming a trendy menu staple, and even having entire restaurants devoted to it. Some offer it up spicy and on a bun, while chicken and waffles have become a brunch standard at others. And of course, you can get classic fried chicken at almost all of these joints. If you can’t get enough of fried chicken, check out the yummiest places to get it in Toronto.

The Stockyards 

Their motto says it all: “If lovin’ fried chicken is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”. The Stockyards is a go-to breakfast joint in Toronto, and the fried chicken and waffles are not to be missed. Available with two pieces or four, the chicken is served over Belgian waffles with chili maple molasses citrus glaze. Accompanied by shoestring fries, dipping sauces and coleslaw, it’s the best way to get your fried chicken fix.

Image: Instagram/ @chonger21

The Dirty Bird 

The Dirty Bird is devoted to chicken and waffles, offering up 5 variations of the comfort food dish. From the ‘ODB’ (Original Dirty Bird), made with buttered maple and dirty sauce on a boneless quarter leg atop a waffle, to the ‘Great White North’ a combination of 3-piece white chicken tenders, buttered maple and scotch bonnet ranch, these Canadian-inspired signatures are what The Dirty Bird is known for. And all of their chicken is hand breaded in their signature gluten-free flour blend, so it’s pretty much healthy, right?

Image: Instagram/@dirtybirdto

Electric Mud BBQ 

Electric Mud BBQ is home to some seriously scrumptious fried chicken dishes. The fried chicken plate features buttermilk fried chicken with gravy, hot sauce, and syrup, and the Nashville hot chicken has spicy fried chicken, bread and butter pickles and coleslaw. As the name states, they’re known for their BBQ, so you know these plates are going to be good.

Image: Instagram/@leel_eats


This Japanese-fusion resto has three locations to choose from, so you can get their fried chicken easily around the city. Order the Carbonara Katsu, a crisp chicken cutlet topped with a creamy bacon and seafood-infused sauce. Or try different variations of fried chicken like their Curry Karaage Thigh, a fried chicken appetizer made with tender dark meat, and their wings with wasabi mayo and sweet chili sauce.

Image: Instagram/@orbillv


School is a quintessential brunch spot in Toronto, and their buttermilk chicken and waffles is a local favourite. It offers the perfect balance of crispy, sweet and tasty, stacked high, with a side of house honey sauce and brown sugar butter. Ideal as a post-hangover cure, order it with golden russet fries and a caesar, and you’ll be good as gold.

Image: Instagram/@schoolresto

Cluck Clucks

Serving up fried chicken in insanely unique ways, Cluck Clucks is a must-try in the city. From the ‘Twaco’, fried chicken sandwiched in a cheddar waffle with shredded lettuce, zesty ginger, cluck sauce and crisp tortilla strips, to the ‘Shut the Parm Up’ with marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan, and basil on a parmesan waffle, you can try fried chicken like you’ve never had it before. Their boneless chicken breast is marinated overnight and cooked to order so you’ll always get fried chicken that’s soft and juicy on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. Is your mouth watering too?

Image: Instagram/@cluckcluks

Did we miss any of the best places to get fried chicken in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: Instagram/ @cluckcluks

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