7 Things Meghan Markle Has Had To Stop Wearing Since Becoming Royal

7 Things Meghan Markle Has Had To Stop Wearing Since Becoming Royal
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Being part of the illustrious Royal Family definitely has its perks. In addition to the worldwide notoriety and rich history, family members have access to pretty much any brand and fashion that they want. While it seems like everything is hunky dory on the surface, we’ve recently seen in interviews with Meghan Markle that being Royal might not be all it’s cracked up to be in regard to mental health. When becoming a Royal, there are not only certain things that you can’t do, but there’s a whole list of protocols and items that you can’t wear, either.

Here are 7 things that Meghan Markle has had to stop wearing since becoming a Royal

Crop tops

Since becoming a member of the royal family, Duchess Meghan has had to stay away from the tasteful crop tops that she wore in her Hollywood past. Seeing that now Meg isn’t allowed to show off her mid-riff, HRH has opted to wear boatneck tops and dresses instead.

Ripped jeans

We last saw Meghan wearing ripped jeans when she was at the Invictus Games with Prince Harry in 2017. Meg hasn’t been spotted in ripped denim since as she’s swapped them with smart trousers, dresses, and skirts that are more suitable.

Mini skirts

When Meghan was living her Hollywood dream, she wore plenty of mini skirts and dresses. However, now that she is royalty, she’s had to trade in her short hemlines for more appropriate and conservative lengths.

Leather jackets

A good leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and before Meghan Markle became royal, it was a staple in her closet, too. Now that she’s a Duchess, Meg has had to trade in her leathers for more posh blazers and jackets.

Bare legs

Gone are the days where Meg could strut about in a mini skirt without any pantyhose on. Since becoming Royal, it’s expected that all lady members of the Royal Family wear nylons and stockings for formal occasions. However, Meghan did ignore this rule when her and Harry posed for their engagement photos.

Black during the day

Unless attending a funeral or a more somber event like Remembrance Day, Meghan and other royal family members are expected to steer clear of black for daytime events. Instead, they’re supposed to wear brighter colours that will make them easier to spot in a crowds.

Dark nail polish

Before Meghan was a Duchess, she had no restrictions whatsoever on not only her wardrobe, but also her nail polish. Nowadays, it’s expected that she stay away from darker nail polish colours and instead, opt for more ladylike shades like The Queen’s fave, Ballet Slippers by Essie. While this is a royal protocol, it’s one that she has broken once or twice on occasion.

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