This New App Will Help You Find Toronto’s Best Apartments

With this new app, you’re one step closer to finding that pet-friendly, two-bedroom, spacious spot on the subway line that’s within your price range.

Anyone who has tried to find a rental unit in Toronto as of late knows what a nightmare it is out there at the moment.

Not only are rental prices climbing, the availability of rental units is incredibly low. Naturally, this means that competition for half-decent rental units is at a high and all of the “good” units enjoy a short shelf life on the market.

Attempting to change the game is Boss Agent, a new app from Casalova, a real estate platform for prospective buyers and renters. The new tool lets realtors from any Canadian brokerage reply to new, active leads in under 30 seconds – something extremely helpful given the state of the city’s current rental market, considering that it typically takes over 15 hours for real estate agents to reply. With the app, real estate agents can accept viewing requests from new clients from their mobile phones.

In today’s on-demand marketplace, nobody wants to wait on anything – especially if it directly affects their quality of life. Being quicker to a showing means that you’re among the first to check out a new place and potentially snag one of the few hidden gem spots on the Toronto market to call your own (even if only for a year).

“The real estate market in Canada is a $14 billion annual industry, yet it takes 15 hours – on average – for an agent to respond to client inquiries. We live in an on-demand world: from Uber and Airbnb to online banking and shopping, people expect a response the moment they’re looking for it,” said Ray Jaff, CEO and co-founder of Casalova. “Our platform is eliminating a major service gap in real estate. People looking for a new home simply open our site, find a property they like, and connect with a live agent nearby in under 30 seconds when they request more information or want to schedule a viewing.”

The app aggregates properties into one platform, providing detailed listing information, images, and a quick link to message agents who are currently online. Thirty seconds later, you’ll receive a reply from an agent, either providing more information or confirming a booking appointment. This means you’re one step closer to finding that pet-friendly, two-bedroom, spacious spot on the subway line that’s within your price range.

For realtors – especially those who are currently pounding the pavement to build their careers – Boss Agent helps solve a pain point when it comes to growing and managing their business in an industry where creating a consistent flow of high-quality leads has never been easy. Now available to all actively licensed realtors across Canada, the app has created a shift in how agents are generating new leads in today’s world of on-demand services.

Available on both iOS and Android, Boss Agent could be the secret weapon you need to ensure you find a home you actually want to live in.

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