I Tried Thrifting For Aritzia Inspired Clothing, Here’s How It Went

I love Aritzia as much as the next girl. What’s not to love about its great and trendy clothing? However, the stores price point is what I’m not particularly fond of as Aritzia is more expensive than retailers like Zara, H&M, and other fast-fashion stores for a plethora of reasons, including quality. That doesn’t change the fact that shopping at Aritzia can hurt the wallet a bit. Thrifting has been a hobby of mine for a while now, I’m often shocked at what can be found at my local thrift store. With this in mind, I went to my local thrift store to go shopping for Aritzia inspired clothing.

Keep reading for how I did thrift store shopping for Aritzia Inspired clothing!

Thrift: $10 vs. Aritzia: $230

 I found these grey New Balance 442’s at the thrift! While they aren’t the exact same as the grey New Balance 990 V5’s that Aritzia carries, they totally give off the same vibe with the neutral-grey tones. Finding shoes when thrifting can easily be a hit and miss situation and some stay away from footwear altogether. However, I couldn’t pass these babies up!

Thrift: $9 Vs. Aritzia: $88

Aritzia is known for its amazing selection of great knits, including turtle and mocknecks, all ranging in price. You know what else is great? So does the thrift store and it’s a great place to find great all sorts of quality knits! I found this white turtleneck and it reminded me of some of the sweaters that Aritzia carries like the similar Darling Sweater.

Thrift: $12 Vs. Aritzia: $168

Blazers are some of my favourite things to shop for at the thrift store and I admittedly have quite the thrifted blazers and suit collection. Searching through your local thrift store first is always a good idea when shopping for blazers, you can easily find some amazing quality, vintage blazers! This one’s silhouette really reminded me of blazers I’ve seen at Aritzia.

Thrift: $6 Vs. Aritzia: $110

thrift store for aritzia clothing

Leopard print seems to be the top-trending print right now, and I was stoked when I found this satin leopard print skirt at Value Village! This thrifted skirt is a bit different than the leopard-print skirts sold at Aritzia, but I actually like that it’s a little different! That’s the beauty of thrifting, you’re unlikely to be caught wearing the same thing as everyone else, yet you can still be stylish and trendy all for a bargain.

Thrift: $7 Vs. Aritzia: $78

These dainty, and feminine cardigans are super in right now and I’m so here for it! The thrift store is full of cardigans like this one at Aritzia, in multiple different colours and I even ended up grabbing a black version. They totally give off ’90s vibes, so might as well grab one from the actual potential ’90s, right?

 Thrift: $10 Vs. Aritzia: $198

I was super excited with how close of a match this cozy cardigan is to the Aritzia Cable Knit Cardigan! The colour is really the only major difference (shh, I actually prefer the green one). The shape, style, and even the pockets are a pretty close match! 

Thrift: $5 Vs. Aritzia: $148

thrift store for aritzia clothing

I have been trying to find the puffy-sleeve blouse that can be found at Aritzia, at the thrift for some time, admittedly it’s been difficult. This is the closest one I could find in my size and while it’s not bad, but it’s not great (in my opinion). It did kind of remind me of this blouse sold at Aritzia, due to the sleeves and neck detailing. 

Thrift: $26 Vs. Aritzia: $698

Okay, so I think this was the thrift store find I was most excited about. This cool-girl leather trench coat is another piece giving off ’90s vibes (think Rachel Green). The ’90s and early 2000s fashion being back in style makes pieces like this not uncommon at the thrift store. This Babaton Floyd Leather Jacket retails at Aritzia for a hefty $698 and of course it’s made from real leather and is extremely luxurious looking/feeling.The one I found at my local thrift isn’t real leather but definitely has a similar vibe and aesthetic! 

So, here’s the rundown of how thrifting Aritzia inspired items at the thrift went. Overall, I’m pleased with everything I found, I’m also shocked at how much inventory there was that reminded me of items you can buy Aritzia! However, keep in mind that I spent a good couple hours in Value Village that day so if you want a thrift store shopping trip to be successful, you need to be patient and open minded!