8 Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

8 Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

If you want your hair to grow longer and can’t seem to get past a certain point, we feel your pain. The hair-growth waiting game is not a fun one. Especially if you’ve suffered a bad haircut that you’d like to forget. Although hair growth is partially genetic, there are some things you can do to speed up the process. And it mostly comes down to hair health. If your hair is healthy, it will face less breakage, therefore losing less length. We’ve done our research and are here to share some of our favourite tips and products to help you grow your hair faster (and healthier)! 

Keep reading to learn our favourite hair growth tips

Get Regular Trims

If you’re trying to grow out your hair, going in for a trim is probably the last thing you want to do. But it’s essential! If your ends are dry and split, you’ll end up losing more length in the long run than just getting them trimmed off before they get any worse. How often you should trim will vary from person to person, but every 10-12 weeks is generally a good place to start. 

Wash Your Hair Less Often

As of lately, we’ve been seeing conflicting advice about this tip. But from personal experience, washing your hair once or twice a week has been ideal for maintaining hair health. It allows your natural oils time to nourish your hair, while also allowing you to style it with less heat, especially if you tend to use a blow dryer. For oily hair days try sleek hairstyles!

Use Great Shampoo & Conditioner 

Investing in a great shampoo and conditioner is so important for hair health and growth. You can find some that target your specific hair concerns, but as far as hair growth goes, we recommend using something hydrating. Brogio has a great line of high-end hair products. 

Massage Your Scalp With Oil

Healthy hair starts at the root! Keeping your scalp and roots healthy is often overlooked when it comes to hair growth but it is so important. Before showering use a scalp oil like Fable & Mane’s Pre Wash Hair Treatment Oil and massage it in with a Scalp Massager. This allows it to really soak in while stimulating the scalp which is also said to promote hair growth.  

Invest In A Bonding Treatment

If you struggle with split ends, even with regular trims, or want to go a little longer in between trims, a bonding treatment will be your new best friend. We can’t say enough good things about K18’s Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask! After showering, you simply take a pump or two in your hands and apply it to your hair focusing on your ends, wait 4 minutes, gently brush it out and that’s it! It treats split ends like magic. 

Apply Hair Masks Regularly 

As we’ve mentioned, when it comes to hair growth, keeping your hair moisturized is the most important thing to avoid damage and breakage. Apply hair masks often to promote extra moisture. Our favourite masking routine goes in this order; shampoo, mask, condition, towel-dry, and apply any after-shower oils/products. 

Avoid Heat Styling + Try Protective Styles

We assume everyone already knows this tip but it still has to be said. The more heat you use on your hair, the more damage will occur. Test out different protective (and heatless) hairstyles and always use a heat protectant whenever you do use hot tools. 

Use A Microfibre Towel On Your Hair After Showering

In case you haven’t noticed terrycloth (what most towels are made from) is kind of a rough texture. It’s no wonder that it causes hair damage! Hair is actually at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. Which is why you should be extra gentle with your hair after a shower. Purchase a microfibre towel to wrap your hair when it’s wet to avoid extra damage. It also allows your hair to dry with less frizz too!

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