Toronto Crime Rate: How Does It Compare To Other Cities?

Toronto Crime Rate: How Does It Compare To Other Cities?

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released their report ranking the world’s safest cities in 2017. The report is based on ranking 60 cities across 49 indicators and covering health security, infrastructure security, digital security and personal security. You’ll be shocked at the results found – some of the largest cities in the world are actually some of our most protected! We’ve given you a little preview below. To see the full version from Business Insider check here.

The Top 5 Safest Cities: 

No shock there – Tokyo took the lead in first with a score of 89.80 out of 100. Following in second place, Singapore was not far behind at 89.64. Next came Osaka (Ok Japan, we get it – You’re VERY safe) with a score of 88.87. OK Drum roll, please…Toronto in FOURTH place for the safest in the world! With a score of 87.36, we aren’t too far behind. Following in number 5 takes us across the pond to Melbourne, Australia. We’re pretty proud that we beat Stockholm, Amsterdam and Hong Kong!

However like any large city, Toronto does have crime problems, but if you stay near the tourist areas, you won’t have any problems at all. We should all be very proud of the security of our city!

Source: The Economist

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