Distillery District Lights Up The City

The last few weeks have been pretty dark and gloomy. I’m pretty sure everyone living in Toronto needs some light in their life. Though we have lots of fun activities going on in the winter, most take place during the day. Lucky for us, the Toronto Light Fest is open to the public tonight and it’s $0 dollars to attend! We were fortunate enough to check out the action last night and trust us, it’s going to be worth the visit. If fire throwers, dazzling sculptures and a neon pyramid made of gummy bears aren’t enough, then go for the fire-breathing dragon. Interested yet? Make sure you bundle up (hats and gloves required for this event) and head over to enjoy the magic of the distillery district. There will be hot drinks and other incredible treats available for purchase. Make an evening out of it and go out for dinner before exploring all the light art installations. If you are looking for a late night snack they even have glow in the dark Chimney Stax.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what’s in store for Toronto Light Fest 2018:

This was made completely of gummy bears!


Find out more about Toronto Light Fest here.