Meet Toronto Sneaker Blogger And Youtuber, Sean Go

Sean Go is a well-known photographer and established YouTuber who is known for his in-depth sneaker reviews and quality photos.
Meet Toronto Sneaker Blogger And Youtuber, Sean Go

With the sneaker community constantly growing in Toronto, it’s common to see some of the mainstays of the local communities get overshadowed by up-and-coming social media influencers. Toronto is home to many of Canada’s top sneakerheads and it’s amazing to see some of these individuals grow into influential figures with a strong social media following.

If you are from Toronto and a member of the sneaker community, Sean Go is a name that you may be familiar with. He is a well-known photographer and well-respected YouTuber who is known for his in-depth sneaker reviews and quality photos. His knowledge of technical details and product history are a few of the reasons that people love his work and his following will only continue to grow as he consistently produces amazing content that is suitable for sneakerheads of all levels.

We sat down with Sean and asked him a few questions about himself:

When did the sneaker craze start for you?

My exposure to sneakers started in the late 90s when I got handed down a pair of the original Air Jordan 12s. However, the “craze” of buying sneakers at an obsessive rate didn’t start until the mid-2000s when I started earning my own money. I discovered numerous Internet sneaker forums like Niketalk and ISS which introduced me to a worldwide community of likewise sneaker aficionados where we would discuss old and new releases, and give us an outlet to buy, sell and trade our shoes!

Were you always into photography and videography before sneakers?

I’ve always had an interest in photography since I was young, and I’d be seen playing around with those wind-up disposable cameras. That interest really was taken to another level though when my sister bought her first DSLR camera, which I would eventually end up taking from her. Ever since then, I’ve self-taught and improved my own skills and merged my passions of photography and sneakers together. As for videography, I still consider myself a beginner in this space as I’ve only started dabbling in it for a couple years now with the creation of my YouTube channel.

What led to you starting your YouTube channel?

Sneakers and photography have always been two things I’ve proudly been passionate about, but I’ve always had an interest to explore other avenues to be creative. A natural progression from taking sneaker photos was doing something video related, and I finally decided in 2016 to overcome my fear and awkwardness of speaking in front of a camera and just go for it. I wanted to do something that I, as a fan of sneakers, would want to watch, so I decided that providing no-frills, objective sneaker reviews would address a segment in the “Shoe-tube” market that was at the time, still largely untapped.  

How were you able to grow your social media following?

It’s been a long but steady trend of growth. I started my Instagram with no intention of ever having a significant following, but as I began posting more content related to my shoes, that following sort of just organically happened over the years. The creation of my YouTube channel also helped to kick-start my following to another level, and I feel people can relate to me more as they can see who I am and actually identify me as a person rather than just a faceless account that posts sneaker content.

What are three tips you can give upcoming photographers and YouTubers?

  1. Find out how you can carve out your own niche, and not just a replica of existing artists and creators.
  2. Do it for the right reasons – be sure you have a true passion for it, and aren’t simply doing it for fame, product, money, etc.
  3. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does make things better. Keep working but never be satisfied with where you are.

All Images: Sean Go

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