Meet One of Toronto’s Top Sneaker Bloggers Meredydd Hardie

The blogger shares how to get your hands on the best sneakers in the city.
Meet One of Toronto's Top Sneaker Bloggers Meredydd Hardie

Toronto has become the hotspot in Canada for the sneaker industry and this has helped numerous sneaker bloggers build on their passion with some amazing opportunities. This growth is responsible for the development of the digital content that is seen throughout sneaker social media, and certain individuals have been able to grow their followings through photography and storytelling.

One of Toronto’s top sneaker bloggers, Meredydd Hardie, has an Instagram feed that would make countless sneakerheads jealous, and her passion can be felt through her Instagram captions and blog posts. Every single pair in her collection has its own unique story, from how she acquired them to when she wore them.

We caught up with Meredydd and discussed her love for sneakers and everything else.

Tell us a little about who you are & what you do.

Collecting sneakers and streetwear is a hobby for me. I actually have a full-time career in something totally unrelated.

How did you begin collecting sneakers?

I don’t have a great origin story like so many other collectors. I didn’t grow up obsessing over Michael Jordan or spending my time searching out rare sneakers in the back of mom and pop shops. There is so much mythology built up around that ‘common’ origin and it’s just not true for me. I got into sneakers because I saw a picture on a fashion blog in about 2013 of someone wearing the Nike Roshe Metric QS. I became obsessed with getting them and it took me weeks to track down a pair. That process was a great primer on sneaker culture – I had to find and read all the sneaker blogs, track down reselling sites, research prices, find sneaker forums and talk to local sneaker shops. Once I got them, the obsession never faded. I found another pair I had tohave and then another, and I just kept learning and collecting.

What are some of your favourite sneakers in your collection?

I find this so challenging to answer and I’m glad you didn’t ask me to pick just one (impossible). I am going to mention a few favourites:

Nike Air Max 90 Atmos Duck Camo. When I got this sneaker I legitimately cried. My sister, who is definitely not into sneakers, got this for me for Christmas in 2016. To get it she had to work with my girlfriend to find out what I wanted, contact a seller online and then meet up outside a strip mall in North Etobicoke the same evening she was having a formal dinner party. It means a lot to me obviously.

KAWS x Jordan 4. This is a collaboration between an artist I really like (KAWS aka Brian Donnelly) and Jordan brand. I wanted this one so much and tried to buy it and failed every time. I posted about how much I loved it pretty much weekly on my Instagram. Finally, a friend reached out and offered me the sneaker at a price well below market value. It is so beautiful, the quality and the details are outstanding.

Adidas Yeezy 700. This will be a controversial pick. A lot of people find this sneaker ugly, describing it as a ‘dad shoe’, or something you could pick up at a discount store. I loved it the very first time I saw a picture online. It is totally ridiculous and makes me smile when I wear it. Sneakers are supposed to be fun!

I could honestly write a summary like this about every single pair I own. They are all special to me and have a story attached to them.

Are there any pairs that you missed out on in the past that you need to get your hands on?

At any given time I have a running list of older pairs I am hoping to get. Some of them are possible with the right luck and timing and some are simply out of reach – too rare and too expensive. Current top sneakers I am looking for are the 2007 Air Max 1 Hufquake and 2013 Jordan 3 Doernbecher. Top of my impossible list is the 2010 Air Max 1 Patta x Parra ‘Cherrywood’. This is top of most Air Max collector’s list and is just a beautiful sneaker in every way. Right now it is selling at around $5,000, if I could even find a pair in my size, so it is obviously something I will have to continue to admire from afar.

What are some of your other interests besides sneakers?

I am a huge basketball fan. I follow the Raptors closely and go to the NBA All-Star game every year. I got really into running this summer and will be continuing with that in the spring. I also take advantage of living in Toronto and like to check out new restaurants as often as possible.

Give us three tips on how to better our sneaker collection.

  1. First, do the research. Learn what is coming out, when and where so you don’t miss out on something great.
  2. Next, stay open-minded. There are great models and colourways coming out from every brand, every month. Don’t get stuck on just one thing.
  3. Finally, hit the outlets. There are often great shoes there at really good prices. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a treasure.

What do you think about Hardie Girl’s sneaker collection?

Featured image: Hardie Girl

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