14 Treats You Can Enjoy At The Toronto Christmas Market This Year

14 Treats You Can Enjoy At The Toronto Christmas Market This Year

The holiday season is always magical, but step inside the Toronto Christmas Market that opens today, and it’s like living in a European Christmas village. But in addition to the charm and Christmas magic, there’s also a wide assortment of holiday treats available from a variety of vendors that’ll make your experience at the market even sweeter.

From classic Canadian poutine, to Belgian-style waffles, the Toronto Christmas Market has all your fave holiday treats available in spades.

Cacao 70 Express

There’s something magical about strolling through the snow with a hot chocolate in your hands. Need something sweet treat? Cacao 70 Express’ chocolatey crepes, and warm cinnamon sugar churro donuts are equally as delicious.

Schnitzel Haus

Live out your Euro market fantasy with Schnitzel Haus’ Pork Schnitzel that’s served with pickled peppers and caramelized onions on a pretzel bun. New this year is its plant-based Beyond Bratwurst made from Beyond Meat.

Lil Arvo


A sister to Arvo Coffee, a staple in the Distillery since 2016, Lil Arvo is a chocolate fondue popup that will be using only the best ingredients and serving exclusive drinks for Christmas Market goers.

Poutine du Canada

Indulge in the classic French Canadian poutine. Can’t get enough of the holiday season already? Sample the Gobbler Poutine that’s made with smoked turkey and stuffing, or opt for the Champignon Poutine that’s made with mushroom and tasty roasted garlic.

Santa’s BBQ

Thought barbecue season was over? Think again because we hear that Santa loves a Bratwurst. This is the place to go for all things meat with offerings ranging from hot dogs, thick-cut smoked bacon sandwiches, and Beyond Bratwurst sausage, to jumbo pretzels, traditional german pork jerky, and even grilled corn.

Winter Warmers

Nothing is better than a warm and cozy meal on a chilly winters day. Warm up with Winter Warmers and its pierogies or split pea and ham soup.

Pretzel Haus


Everyone loves a portable snack, right? Stroll around the market and enjoy a variety of pretzels from Pretzel Haus. Options range from sesame seed pretzels and poppy seed pretzels, to cinnamon sugar pretzels, marzipan stollen, and fruit cake.

Das Kartoffelhaus

Potato’s truly make the world go round and here at Das Kartoffelhaus, you can enjoy a whole potato spiralled onto a skewer with a choice of your favourite seasoning.

Good Grieves

There’s nothing like enjoying quality shortbread at this time of year and the folks at Good Grieves know it. The store’s handmade recipe is super delicious as it’s been made by hand with the family recipe!

Eva’s Original Chimneys

christmas market holiday treats

A Christmas Market must-try are Eva’s Original Chimneys. These chimney cakes are hand-rolled and freshly baked. Plus they’re a delicious, warm and festive treat that’s served just like in traditional Hungarian Christmas markets.

Schokoladen S’mores

You had us at s’mores! These s’mores in a jar are exactly what dreams are made of with a golden graham crust bottom, layered with house-made marshmallow cream, and finished with decadent chocolate ganache.

The Gingerbread House

What is Christmas without gingerbread? Enjoy sugar cookies, cake pops, marshmallow pops, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and of course, gingerbread.

Wafel Bar


Waffles are great but have you ever had a real Belgian Liege-style waffle? Well it’s time you did and Wafel Bar’s are served fresh off the hot cast iron and are delicious on their own, or they can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. 


You may feel like you’re in a European Christmas market but you’re still in Canada. Sample beloved butter tarts at Tartistry that are made with 100% barrel-churned creamery butter and pure bourbon vanilla. 

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