Trendy All-Egg Restaurant “Egg Bae” Set to Open in Toronto

There’s a new ALL EGG restaurant opening in Toronto, and if you’ve ever been to Egg Slut, you’ll be pleasantly pleased.
Trendy All-Egg Restaurant

There’s a marvellous chain of restaurants in the United States that serve up delicious egg sandwiches, heavenly soft boiled eggs and a menu that features eggs throughout.  The restaurant Egg Slut has received worldwide accolades and is a destination restaurant for lovers of everything eggs.

It should come as no surprise that someone north or the border would try to harness the popularity of Egg Slut and make it our own. Let us introduce you to the more polite Canadian version dubbed Egg Bae. If you’ve ever been to an Egg Slut, when you see the branding and the offerings from Egg Bae you’ll notice that it could be classified as a homage.

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We hope the food at Egg Bae tastes as good as their American competitor because the food at Egg Slut is fantastic. They use a tried and true cooking method that produces the most luxurious silky scrambled eggs. You can watch the video on how they do it below ( and trust us if you want to impress someone you can make them at home)

The new Egg Bea restaurant looks just as amazing and honestly has a softer name for the Canadian market. You can imagine that there were some concerns with the name Egg Slut when it first popped up in the states.

While there has yet to be an official menu, from their Instagram page, it looks like Egg Bae will specialize in egg sandwiches with toppings that include everything from your standard bacon and sausage to smoked salmon to potato chips.

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Egg Bae will be popping up in Kensington Market on May 27th and will be located at 189 Augusta Ave.