11 Urban Outfitters Shopping Tips To Know For The Next Time You Browse

11 Urban Outfitters Shopping Tips To Know For The Next Time You Browse

If you are obsessed with following the latest trends, Urban Outfitters is the place for you. However, in order to always get the most out of your shopping sprees at UO, follow our tips the next time you decide to browse the racks or scroll online. Be sure to bookmark this list so you can save some money on your purchases and improve your shopping experience!

Here are Urban Outfitters shopping tips to know for the next time you browse.

Fitting Room Madness

Fitting rooms can sometimes be a total nightmare, especially with the high traffic flow at Urban Outfitters. If the fitting area is available to use, be sure to spend a good amount of time on the store-floor to pick out everything you want. If you’re stuck on two sizes, take them both and decide once you’re in front of the mirror! This way, you can keep the fitting room session down to a one-time visit.

Check Out The Rewards Program

Join the UO Rewards Program so that the app can track your purchases, in-store and online, and convert them into “points” which lead to discounts. It even gives you awesome perks like early access to sales and a birthday present too!

Items Are Always Moved Around

You may have noticed that almost every time you enter your fave Urban Outfitters location, the floor displays and racks tend to look a bit different. This is because items are constantly being moved around based on how trendy the items are and if they’re selling. So, if you don’t see what you went in for in the exact same spot as last time, that doesn’t mean it’s sold out. Be prepared to do a little bit of searching!

UNiDAYS Student Discount

If you’re a student, be sure to sign up to UNiDAYS to enjoy a discount on your Urban Outfitters purchase. Typically the deal is 10% off of your order, so don’t wait around, get all of the savings that you can!

Grab All Of The Basics ASAP

Those classic tanks and staple tees tend to sell out the fastest—no surprise. So, if you’re a major fan of basic pieces, be sure to stock up while you can. If you see shopping deals to buy two or more pieces for extra savings, take advantage of those deals stat!

Get A Discount For Clothing Imperfections

I’m sure you’ve been in the position where you fall in love with a piece of clothing and to your despair there’s a small hole, or even a stain on it. At Urban Outfitters you can get a 10-15% off discount on these items, all you have to do is bring this concern to the manager’s attention.

Score Free Shipping

The annoying shipping fees can sometimes be a total bummer when checking out online. Although, if you call the store and have them order the items for you, you can skip the fee, all you have to do is pick your package up at the shop! You can even choose the pick-up option when checking out if you live close enough to a location.

Read The Reviews

If you plan on taking your shopping experience online at Urban Outfitters, then be sure to utilize the reviews on the products you’re interested in. The reviews can get into pretty specific details as to the age and height of the person as well as the fit. It’s always a great idea to read up on how the garments actually fit in real life before entering your credit card info.

Don’t Neglect The Sale Rack

Never leave UO without checking out the sale section! It’s usually packed with great finds at a steal. Sometimes pieces are moved to sale simply because there’s no longer space on the floor, or because there aren’t many sizes left of a specific style. So it’s always worth taking a look!

Look Out For Sales

Urban Outfitters often has great sales towards the end of seasons, as well as its infamous sale around Memorial Day. Around these times is when the store is clearing out inventory to make room for the new season, so it’s a great time to stock up on pieces you love at a discount.

Shop Urban Renewal

UO’s Urban Renewal is where you can shop pieces Urban Outfitters has up-cycled from sustainably-sourced vintage items, to make them fresh and new again. If you love sustainable fashion and Urban Outfitters – this is where you get the best of both worlds.

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