Walmart Secrets To Know For Your Next Shopping Trip

When it comes to shopping on budget, Walmart takes the cake. With Walmart’s competitive low prices and huge selection, it’s hard to resist shopping there. Walmart is the one-stop-shop for many with its seemingly endless list of departments including grocery, electronics, clothing, and toys, to name a few. We probably all shop at Walmart on the regular, so it’s about time to shop smart, and utilize these Walmart shopping secrets!

Keep reading for brilliant Walmart shopping secrets!

Shop In The Morning For The Best Selection

Have you ever been to Walmart and the thing you need happens to be cleared off the shelf? According to Best Life, shopping in the morning is an easy hack to help avoid the empty shelves and low stocked inventory. A lot of Walmart locations are open late or even 24 hours, but the staff tends to stock shelves during less busy hours, such as at night. So if you arrive bright and early, you’re more likely to be able to shop the freshly stocked shelves from the night before. 

Compare The Store’s Online Prices To Its In-Store Prices

Be sure to check out Walmart’s online prices before shopping because sometimes items can be cheaper! If you find this price discrpency, but still want to shop in-store, Walmart will to match the online price so that you can get the best deal possible.

walmart shopping secrets

Use Walmart’s grocery pick up for easy shopping

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of grocery shopping in-store, Walmart has a service that allows you to grocery shop online and pick up in store, with no extra charge! You just need to have a minimum order of $50 and you’re all set. Simply just pick out the groceries you want out of Walmart’s assortment and just book a time to pick them up. For even more convenience use Walmart’s Mobile Check In to let the store know when you’re on your way so you’re groceries will be ready, waiting there for you!

Check Out Walmart’s Online Coupons Before You Shop

Use coupons and stock up on coupon items to save yourself some money in the future. We suggest checking out the coupons offered on Walmart’s website before you go shopping.


Shop Generic

If you’re not picky about brands and are looking to save a few bucks, keep your eyes peeled for Walmart’s generic label called Great Value. The retailer has a generic product for pretty much anything you can think of from food products and toiletries, to tissues and sandwich bags.

Check Out The Day-Old Bakery Items

Although bakery items don’t have much of a difference in taste or texture the next day, Walmart actually offers discounts on these products, and can sometimes get priced at a dollar. So, if you want a chance to score a deal on baked goodies, browse through the bakery section before checking out.

Prices ending in a 1 or 0 are final sale

When looking at Walmarts prices, there are some hints to whether or not you’re getting the best price they’re going to offer! According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Walmart gives markdown indications in the price tag. If the price is ending in a 7, it is said to be the original price, with no markdown given — yet. If the price is ending in a 5, it’s possible that’s the first markdown given to that product, so you’re getting a deal but might want to wait around a little longer for the last markdown, which is said to be prices ending in a 1 or 0.


You can get groceries delivered to your door

Even though Walmart offers grocery pick-up, the store also offers to deliver your groceries right to your doorstep! This is especially useful for those of us looking for the best deal on groceries but live nowhere near a Walmart store and don’t drive. If you haven’t shopped Walmart online yet, you’re eligible to get $10 off your first order! Just use code ‘Walmart10’ to save yourself $10

Download The Walmart App

Make the most out of your Walmart shopping trip, and download the company’s app. You can get notified of deals that you may not have known about previously and in-turn save on some cash. Even be the first to know about exclusive sales and discounts before anyone else.

walmart shopping secrets

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