5 Affordable Alternatives To The Iconic Hermès Birkin Bag

5 Affordable Alternatives To The Iconic Hermès Birkin Bag

Trends come and go, any person who knows anything about the fashion life cycle is aware of this. Every season there’s a new “it” bag, and often times by next season, it’ll be out of style and on the shelves of every discount retailer and consignment store. This isn’t always the case as sometimes there are exceptions for certain pieces and the Hermès Birkin Bag is one of them. However, with a price point between $11,900 and $300,000, it’s the kind of accessory that most folks will never get their stylish hands on. If you’re searching for a Birkin Bag but can’t bear to shell out that kind of money, perhaps one of these affordable alternatives would suit you and your budget.

Here are 5 affordable alternatives to the iconic Hermès Birkin Bag.

Dasein Padlock Satchel Handbag, $58

birkin bag affordable alternative

If spending over $10,000 on a purse is too daunting for your wallet, then this Dasein handbag that rings in at $58 might sound a lot better. Available in a variety of colours, this is a great alternative to the classic Birkin as it has all the classic hardware, but is a fraction of the price. If you’re in the market for a new work bag, this baby is a great option as it can even hold your laptop!

Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Bag, $1,061


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Even though this Tory Burch bag is pricy, you have to admit it’s a steal compared to the price of a Birkin. The Lee Radziwell bag is a great option, as it’s still got that luxury vibe that’s synonymous of a Birkin Bag, but it’ll last longer than a fast fashion alternative.

ALDO Pauviel Bag, $55

birkin bag affordable alternative

If you’re bored of bags in colours like black, beige, and cream, ALDO’s Pauviel Bag is sure to liven things up. A gorgeous Birkin alternative but in fun leopard print, this is a great statement bag to wear that will still encompass those #BossLady vibes you’re after.

Knotty Metallic Top Handle Bag, $122

birkin bag affordable alternative

Crazy about the mini bag trend? This sparkly Knotty bag is not only super cute, but it’s a great dupe for the mini Birkins that have been all over Instagram these days. We love that this bag comes in a bunch of different colours so you can have one to match every outfit, kind of like how Victoria Beckham seems to have one Birkin for every look!

Le Chateau Faux Leather Satchel, $49

birkin bag affordable alternative
Le Chateau

Say hello to your new everyday go-to bag. This satchel from mall fave Le Chateau will ensure every outfit looks polished and pulled together, as it’s professional and super stylish. What we love about this option is how roomy it is — it has two compartments that can hold all your bits and pieces that you’ll need throughout the day.

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