6 Affordable Sheet Masks to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Summer

From brightening, to hydrating and even an after-sun saver, we have your complexion cures at the ready.
6 Affordable Sheet Masks to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Summer

This summer’s best-kept secret is sheet masks, of course. We definitely understand that you’ve been working these masks into your routine already, but the formulations and even sheets are getting better and better with each and every launch. We promise you can now keep your skin soft, radiant and clear for less than the cost of a protein smoothie from the gym. From brightening, to hydrating and even an after-sun saver, we have your complexion cures at the ready.

Check out our top 6!

1. MaskerAide Bubble Bubble POP Charcoal Sheet Mask,

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, safe and affordable mask, MaskerAide has got you covered! Inspired by ever-evolving K-Beauty trends and made in Canada, these masks combine the best of both worlds.  The Bubble Bubble POP Charcoal Sheet Mask bubbles up into a deep cleaning micro-foam to get rid of dirt and excess oil. It is also free from parabens, mineral oils, and sulfates.

2. Sephora Collection After-Sun Mask in Watermelon, $6



After your skin sees its fair share of sun, it tends to let out a certain scream – or burn. Thanks to this cooling bio-cellulose mask built for your face and décolleté, your complexion will feel less fiery, ushering in a fiercer glow. Simply apply this watermelon masks to sun-exposed skin and prepare for hydrated, relaxed and sun-kissed skin that lasts.

3. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask, $15



This skin-hugging sheet mask will deliver a healthy dose of hydration and botanical extracts moments after applying it. Inspired by a classical Japanese beauty treatment, this blend of complexion curing ingredients will feed your skin with anti-aging superfoods such as formation of green tea, rice and algae, leaving you with nothing but a luminous glow. To go one step further, this ultra-fine microfiber sheet – 100 times thinner than a single strand of hair – will deliver 20 ml of serum, drenching your skin with some serious benefits.

4. Karuna Brightening+ Face Mask, $10



This single-use, deep conditioning mask will help to minimize the appearance of dark sparks and an uneven skin tone. Free from parabens, this innovative and oil-free formula will bring the bounce back into your complexion thanks to its powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, peptides, aloe vera and chamomile. And to take it one step further, the actual sheet is made of 100% natural wood-pulp fiber, allowing for all the ingredients to evenly and effectively melt into your skin.

5. Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Bio-Cellulose Mask, $11



This hydrogel mask is blended with charcoal to help cleanse your skin, all the while reducing the appearance of pesky pores. Designed with purification in mind, your skin will be renewed through a gentle blend of charcoal, enabling the removal of dirt and impurities trapped deep in the dermis. The bio-cellulose sheet also allows for maximum absorption of product, revealing a brighter and more radiant glow after just one use.

6. Origins Flower Fusion Jasmine Softening Sheet Mask, $9



Soften your skin with this jasmine-infused mask that will leave your face silky-smooth in minutes. Made of 100% bamboo, this soft sheet is infused with fortified flower wax, boasting properties to effectively moisturize and hydrate. Just close your eyes and let the sweet scent of jasmine take you away.

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Featured image: Instagram/ @maskeraidebeauty

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