The 9 Most Affordable Online Fashion Stores To Shop Right Now

The 9 Most Affordable Online Fashion Stores To Shop Right Now

Over the last few years we’ve been hearing the term fast-fashion a lot. It’s basically the clothing equivalent of fast food because while the clothes are super cute, but the quality isn’t anything near that of a high-end designer brand. These stores are feeding us all the trends we’re currently craving and besides quick delivery, the best of all is that they’re all incredibly wallet-friendly.

Keep reading for 9 of the most affordable online fast fashion stores that you should be shopping right now!

Pretty Little Thing

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Pretty Little Thing has really made a name for itself this past year. Their clothes are always trendy, fit to size, and they are always handing out promo codes like they’re candy. So usually, you will be able to get at least 20% off of your order. For a cost, PLT also offers express shipping to Canada —so if you need your order within 48 hours, they’ve got you covered.


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Missguided is based in the UK, so beware of UK sizing before completing your order. Otherwise, this site is fantastic for finding inexpensive, trendy items to add to your wardrobe. Their clothes are all normally on the stretchier side so they’ll hug all your curves perfectly. Like Pretty Little Thing, Missguided is always offering promo codes to ensure you get the best possible price!

Missy Empire

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Missy Empire is also based in the UK, but is a tad more expensive than most fast-fashion stores. Nonetheless, the clothes are all very stylish, decent quality, and get delivered quickly considering how far away they’re shipping from. The only downside to shopping Missy Empire is the duty fees. But that comes with the territory of shopping out of the country!


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FashionNova is arguably the greatest thing since sliced bread right now. They are absolutely dominating the fast-fashion game, they’re shockingly on top of adding new items to their website. They add pieces right away when a new trend takes over the internet, plus their customer service is solid, and most importantly, their clothes are amazing. The clothes are always very decent quality, stretchy to fit all body types, and they almost always offer 30% off or more on all orders.

Oh Polly

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Oh Polly is a smaller company, so their service can be a bit on the slower side if you don’t pay for express shipping. The duty charges can also be substantial and shocking if you aren’t prepared for them. Wondering why they made the list? Their quality and price of the clothing make up for all those discrepancies. They are known for their swimwear, but over the last couple of years have added a ton of other chic clothing items that are to die for.

Nasty Gal

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If you’ve ever seen GirlBoss on Netflix, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already heard of Nasty Gal. Their clothes actually hold up as they’re affordable, stylish, trendy, and bonus — they deliver quickly.

Lasula Boutique

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If you’re looking for high-quality clothing, Lasula isn’t the first place we’d recommend looking. They are stylish and affordable, but I definitely wouldn’t count on any of their items having a life-span longer than a year. You can count on Lasula for cute outfits that will bring you instant gratification, but they aren’t in it for the long haul.


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Although Meshki is still very much affordable, they are considerably more expensive than most of the stores on this list. That being said, it’s totally worth it. The fabric quality of most of their items is great — soft, stretchy, and durable. They’re based in Australia, so the shipping can take longer than expected, but they do offer express shipping to Canada that only takes a couple of days at most.

Forever 21

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This one probably goes without saying because Forever 21 is one of the original affordable fashion stores and they’ve never let us down. They deliver within just days of ordering, their clothes are comfortable and reliable while still staying trendy, and of course, affordable. Tens across the board!

Featured Image: Instagram/@ohpolly

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