Sephora Has a Lawsuit With This Vegan Beauty Brand

Sephora Has a Lawsuit With This Vegan Beauty Brand

The process from product production to beauty retailer can be a lot less of a standard practice than you would imagine. With cost inflation and product placement, these larger stores have the power to control the system. Recently, smaller brands have been trying to shed some transparency on pricing and production with brands like The Ordinary and Beauty Pie. Many secrets still remain but we have a feeling this was something that contributed to how a small cosmetic brand disappeared overnight.

Sometimes we forget how much power major retailers have. They have so much monopoly over the industry that they’re often able to cover up stories and continue work in their best interest. That seems to be the story going around these days with Sephora versus small vegan makeup brand, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

“Even co-founder and CEO David Klasfeld’s LinkedIn page is wiped clean. Just a couple weeks prior on March 20, the brand listed a $10-or-less flash sale on all products, which might have indicated an imminent closure, Racked reports.”

The company’s website says: “Our website is temporarily offline, in the interim, shop OCC at Riley Rose, Urban Outfitters & Nordstrom!”

Next thing we know, there is a lawsuit between the two companies. Read more on Racked to find out about the actual reason for the lawsuit.

Featured Image: Instagram/@ataeva_irulda