Vegan Hard-Liner Harasses Patrons at Vegan Restaurant for Wearing Canada Goose

An interesting YouTube video has just popped up on Reddit posted by Reddit user: nat_ligh1 and it’s causing quite a stir

An interesting YouTube video has just popped up on Reddit posted by Reddit user: nat_ligh1 and it’s causing quite a stir. Garnering hundreds of comments in a few hours, the video depicts a man in a Fresh restaurant approaching patrons wearing Canada Goose and essentially harassing them for their jacket of choice. While we aren’t taking sides on how Canada Goose Jackets are made (we would be hypocrites if we did), we find it interesting how passionate the two sides of the debate are.

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Firstly, it’s hard to argue against the fact that people love Canada Goose, the brand has been one of the most popular outerwear brands in Canada for close to a decade. On the other side, the people against jackets with coyote fur seem to attack Canada Goose for their manufacturing process more than any other brand that also uses leather, fur and goose down.  Perhaps those against Canada Goose take the stance that if they can convince big bad Canada Goose to change their practices then other brands will follow suit.

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Featured Image: Via Instagram @ilumina_35