The Virgin Islands Will Actually Pay You To Visit in 2017

in celebration, the day’s 100-year anniversary the U.S. Virgin Islands are offering to pay you to visit!

This is pretty cool! If you didn’t know, there are three islands that compose the Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John, and right now, they are celebrating a very special time in the island’s history.

100 years ago, the Virgin Islands were owned by Denmark and was sold to the U.S. for $25 million. This day is known as “Transfer Day,” and to celebrate the day’s 100-year anniversary, the U.S. Virgin Islands are offering to pay you to visit! The only catch is that you have to spend more than three consecutive nights on any of the islands before 2017 is over.

If this sounds like something you could go for, keep in mind that the government won’t be tossing you bills as you arrive. They will, however, give you a $300 voucher that you can use on your hotel stay, or on some of the cultural tours that take place around the islands.

While this sounds awesome, there are some stipulations. For example, you need to book your trip before October 1st, 2017 and you have to spend 3-consecutive nights on any one of the islands.

If you are down with this check out USVI website here, and visit here to see where you can spend your voucher.