23 Wardrobe Basics To Shop For Under $75

If you have a plethora of clothes, but nothing to wear at the same time, check out these wardrobe basics that will make putting together outfits a breeze.
23 Wardrobe Basics To Shop For Under $75

More often than not, sifting through your closet for something to wear seems difficult. You have a plethora of clothes, but nothing at the same time. Although, contrary to popular belief, kicking this paradox to the curb is totally achievable. All you actually need are the right wardrobe basics that will make putting together multiple outfits a breeze.

Stock up on several of the trendy basics below and you’ll leave the house looking like a street style star every day. Take a look at 23 wardrobe basics for under $75 that you won’t be able to live without below. Deciding on an outfit just got a whole lot easier!

Plain Tank

Aritzia Irwin Tank – $48


Think of the Irwin tank from Aritzia like your fashion bread and butter. Pair it with jeans and a jacket, or dress pants depending on the occasion and you’re good to go.

Fitted Long Sleeve Tee

Aritzia Mock Neck T-Shirt – $40

Similar to a fitted tank, this sleek mock neck t-shirt will be one of your go-to’s during colder weather and is just as easy to style.

Slouchy Muscle Tank

Aritzia Foundation Muscle Tank – $32

On the days that you feel like being comfy, yet still effortlessly cool a slouchy muscle tank is the perfect option to pair with sooo many different outfits.

Animal Print Button Up

Zara Snakeskin Button Up – $39.90

Animal print is all the rage right now. Pick up a print like snakeskin in a classic style button up and it will remain stylish even when the animal print isn’t as hot.

Plain Wrap Top

Zara Combined Wrap Top – $39.90

The look of a wrap top is so sleek and there are so many possibilities. Dress it down with a pair of jeans or wear it with a skirt and thigh high boots for date night.

Oversized White Button Up

Zara Long Shirt Dress – $39.90

There’s something effortlessly cool about oversized and if you do this trend in a white button-up style, your options for outfits and occasions will be endless.

Mom Jeans

Zara Authentic Denim Mom Jeans – $45.90

The mom jean style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Scoop up a pair in a classic denim blue and still look put together on your casual days.

Black Skinny High Rise Jeans

TOBI Rodeo Black Denim Jeans – $56.00

I don’t think I need to explain why having a pair of high waisted, fitted black jeans is a must. You can literally pair these with anything in your closet.

T-shirt Dress

Aritzia Marcoux Dress – $60

A simple t-shirt dress is good to have when you only have enough time to throw something on. Pair it with your chunky sneakers and you’ll be totally on-trend.

Fitted Bodycon Dress

Aritzia Depaul Dress – $35

A fitted bodycon dress is good for so many occasions. Similar to the t-shirt dress, it’s only one thing you have to worry about putting on, not to mention, it will go with any type of jacket.

Longline Blazer

TOBI Kendall Black Blazer – $64

A longline blazer is somehow more stylish than a fitted one or a cropped one. It’s also easier to pair with outfits since it looks nice over shorter and longer tops.

Longline Cardigan

Forever 21 Longline Knit Cardigan – $27.90

Having a longline cardigan is something that is easy to layer and will make your outfit look effortlessly chic. It’s perfect for that in between weather and can be dressed up or down.

Chunky Knit Sweater

TOBI The Chills Rose Off Shoulder Sweater – $66.00

When the weather is cold, having a chunky sweater to bundle up in will make you feel warm and cozy, while still remaining stylish and easy to pair with multiple outfits.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

TOBI Ceci Black Cat Eye Sunglasses – $12.00

Any street style aficionado knows that the perfect accessory to top of a look are some cat eye sunglasses. Opt for black over tortoise and they’ll match with any number of outfits.

Faux Leather Skirt

H&M Leather Skirt with Belt – $29.99

A leather skirt is one of those wardrobe items that will always elevate a look, yet is super easy to work with. Similarly to a lot of these basics, you won’t have any issues dressing it up or down.

Puffer Coat

H&M Padded Jacket – $59.99

A puffer jacket in a bright hue is something you won’t be able to live without this season. Pop it over top of basically any plain coloured outfit and you’re going to look hella cool.

Leather Biker Jacket

Zara Faux Leather Zippered Jacket – $39.99

A leather jacket is something that is never going to go out of style and will always look effortlessly cool. Having one of these in your wardrobe will make dressing so much easier.

Sweater Dress

TOBI Olive Sweater Dress – $71

A sweater dress is the perfect item for when you want to be cozy, but still look put together. Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or some black tights and heels for an evening-ready look.

Small Square Crossbody Bag

Zara Detailed Crossbody Bag – $45.90

Square micro-purses are being toted by so many designers right now. Grab one in black that will go with anything and you’ll look super trendy as soon as you drape over your shoulder.

Black Bootie

Zara Flat Elastic Ankle Boots – $49.90

If you don’t already have a pair of black booties, I don’t know how you’re living. These guys will become your staple as they’re incredibly versatile.

Chunky Sneaker

Zara Wedge Sneakers – $59.90

Chunky dad sneakers are still in, but you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to cop the style. These plain white platform sneakers are comfy AF and so easy to pair with outfits.

Black Loafers

Zara Loafers – $49.90

While we’re still on the topic of shoes, having a pair of sleek black loafers is always a good idea. You can dress these as street chic or make them fancier by wearing them in place of heels.

Cabby Hat

H&M Captain’s Cap – $19.99

When it comes to hats, a lot of us overlook this accessory, but it can definitely elevate your entire look. A black cabby style hat is something you can wear any season and pair with any number of outfits for an added edge.

Featured image: Instagram/ @ngxcivy