What Schitt’s Creek Star, Annie Murphy, Has Been Up To In Lockdown

What Schitt's Creek Star, Annie Murphy, Has Been Up To In Lockdown
Nintendo x Annie Murphy

The lockdown has brought out the creative side in all of us at some point or another. From puzzles, to making candles, to baking, and even gaming, we’ve all been trying to find new hobbies to keep ourselves occupied. With that being said, we actually got the opportunity to chat with Schitt’s Creek star, Annie Murphy, aka Alexis Rose, on what she’s been up to in lockdown. Her days have been filled with a ton of dancing, Mario Kart, and fitness, on her Nintendo Switch

The Canadian actress partnered up with Nintendo Switch for a hilarious ad campaign (that features her real life mom) and admits that she’s seriously obsessed with the gaming device in real life.

Although Annie has more recently got back into her gaming ways, she reminisces on a time where she loved to play Nintendo growing up. 

“My cousins had Nintendo and so whenever I got to visit, I would always choose my cousins with the Nintendo to sleep over at. I was terrible at it, we would be playing Mario Kart and I would just be going backwards and bashing into walls, but the fact that I had it in my hands was a real thrill for me.”

Now, with the Nintendo Switch she’s made it very clear that her absolute favourite game to play is Just Dance 2020 with her friends.

It’s not because they’re all coordinated and great dancers, but  because it’s like “going to a karaoke to watch people fail miserably,” which was one of her favourite things to do (pre-lockdown). 

Annie Murphy x Nintendo Switch

For those Schitt’s Creek fans out there, you’ll be intrigued to hear that Annie Murphy believes that Alexis Rose would also choose Just Dance as her favourite game, although for very different reasons. She says that “Alexis would be playing it to demonstrate her incredible choreography, her rhythm, and massive dance talent, and I don’t think many other people would get a turn.” If you’re an avid watcher of the hit series, you would definitely agree.

There hasn’t been a Mario Kart match with the rest of the Schitt’s Creek crew, but she did say that it would be amazing to get everyone together again.

A potential collab that every fan would love to see happen. 

Nintendo x Annie Murphy

I thank Annie for the new lockdown inspo, you’ll find me with my Nintendo Switch getting my dance on!

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