Where to Find The Best Matcha Food and Drink Around the City

From the classic matcha latte to the not-so-classics, such as matcha white chocolate roll cakes, here are the 6 best places to get matcha food in Toronto.
Where to Find The Best Matcha Food and Drink Around the City

There’s no denying that matcha is having a major moment. Made by finely grounding whole leaf green tea, the health benefits of matcha are one of the things that first sparked its popularity. But now cafes around the city are serving up matcha-infused menus with plenty of options to choose from. From the classic matcha latte to the not-so-classics, such as matcha white chocolate roll cakes and matcha red bean waffles, take a look at 6 of the best places to get matcha food and drink around the city.

1. Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Angel Cafe 

Uncle Tetsu’s may be known for their cheesecake (and they make a mean matcha cheesecake at that!), but they also serve up matcha in all different shapes and sizes. From matcha parfaits to matcha pudding, matcha cheese tarts, and of course matcha lattes, Uncle Tetsu’s is a Toronto favourite to grab matcha-made treats. Located on Dundas West, you’ll likely find yourself in a line, but it will be worth the wait!

Image: Instagram/@uncletetsucanada

2. Neo Coffee Bar

Located in the St. Lawrence market neighbourhood, Neo Coffee Bar is known to have some of the best matcha in the city. Have it straight as a hot tea, or with steamed milk for the perfect matcha latte. On the menu, they also have matcha white chocolate roll cake, kyoto matcha with organic red beans, and kyoto matcha sponge cake and roasted sesame-infused sweet cream. The cafe itself is light-filled and impeccably designed with bench seating, pedestal tables, and booths. It’s the ideal place to get your matcha fix.

Image: Instagram/@neocoffeebarto

3. Millie Desserts

With a creperie and patisserie & creamerie downtown Toronto, and a cafe in Markham, Millie Desserts has become favoured for their Japanese treats, including their delicious matcha. They offer everything from a matcha souffle cheesecake with a red bean whipped cream, to freshly made matcha gelato, to their matcha crepe cakes that combine 20 paper-thin crepes with a pastry cream in between each layer. Talk about exquisite.

Image: Instagram/@millie.desserts

4. Light Cafe

There’s no shortage of delicious matcha food and drink at Light Cafe. Whether you feel like a refreshing matcha smoothie or iced matcha latte, a matcha red bean waffle, or a matcha red bean mini mille-feuille cake, Light Cafe is the place to go. Enjoy their cozy, airy location on Baldwin street right near the AGO.

Image: Instagram/@lightcafecanada

5. La Diperie

La Diperie’s unique concept has made it a Toronto go-to for high quality, delicious ice cream with a twist. With 40 dips to choose from, including matcha, and over 20 different toppings, you’ve never experience ice cream like this before. Pair your matcha dip with toppings like coconut, Kit Kat, sprinkles, or Lucky Charms for a treat unlike any other.

Image: Instagram/@ladiperie

6. Butter Avenue

If you’re a fan of matcha, and you love macarons, make your way to Butter Avenue on Queen West. Their original matcha macaron is made with matcha from Uji, Japan and it’s simply to die for! They also have Uji matcha ice cream and strawberry matcha roll cake, so you can indulge in all the matcha you can handle.

Image: butteravenue.com

Featured image: Instagram/ @butteravenue

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