Where to Find the Best Sangria in the City

Sangria can be a risky choice, but with this list, you can rest assured your sangria will be just how you like it: Refreshing, boozy and delicious!

Sangria can be a tricky drink to master. Easily diluted by juice and ice, the best sangrias deliver on taste and don’t skimp on the booze. With summer fast approaching, sangria is the drink of choice for those of us making our way to patios for lunch, dinner, and weekend afternoons. It’s the ideal way to cool down on a hot day.

Sangria can be a risky choice, but with this list, you can rest assured your sangria will be just how you like it: Refreshing, boozy and delicious! Here’s where to find the best sangria in the city.

El Caballito 

El Caballito may be known for its jaw-dropping tequila list, but their sangria is just as impressive. Featuring red wine, brandy, triple sec, guava, orange and lemon juice, and fruit, it doesn’t disappoint. Drink it alongside one of their delicious tacos, like the baja-style fish, or the chicken adobado.

Image: Instagram/@elcaballito.ca

Gusto 101 

One of the best sangrias in the city can be found at Gusto 101. Their signature mix includes St. Remy brandy, peach schnapps and freshly chopped fruit. You can have it by the glass, or splurge on a pitcher if you’re with a group of sangria-loving friends. It pairs well with pretty much anything on their menu from their pizzas to their pastas to their salads.

Image: Instagram/@gusto101to

The Drake Hotel

Served by the glass and by the pitcher, The Drake Hotel sangria is a doozy. The white is made with Lillet Blanc, macerated honey dew, rosemary and white wine, while the red is a blend of sloe gin, peach, lime, stone fruit, grapefruit soda and red wine. Head up to the Sky Yard rooftop bar and enjoy it in the sun or under the stars.

Image: Instagram/@chestieee

Trattoria Nervosa 

A charming yellow building in the heart of Yorkville, Trattoria Nervosa is a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Their home cooked Southern Italian food is not to be missed, plus they have a patio perfect for summer days. Pair a main from their delicious menu with a glass of their signature sangria. Made with red or white wine, a blend of spirits and fresh juice, it’s a sangria that packs a punch.

Image: Instagram/@nervosato


How does a glass (or pitcher) of rose cava sangria sound to you? Along with the classic white and red, Patria also offers a cava sangria made with white wine, raspberry & peach liqueur, fresh lime, cranberry, and rose cava. It’s the perfect drink to sip on their patio this summer.

Image: Instagram/@patriato

Dundas and Carlaw

This trendy Leslieville spot is a cafe during the day and turns into a cocktail bar at night. Offering up white and red sangria, the magical thing about this spot is they make their sangria in batches so you get the ultimate fusion of wine, juice and fruit. Get it by the pitcher for just $36.

Image: Instagram/@dundasandcarlaw


This Yorkville joint serves up refreshing, delicious sangria you can enjoy on their rooftop patio all summer long. You can get their house sangria by the glass or pitcher, or opt for their premium blend made with Stoneleigh white wine or Campo Rioja red, peach schnapps, brandy, diced fruit and juice. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

Image: Instagram/@hemingways.to

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