Yorkdale Is Making Parking Better and Easier This Holiday Season

This year, Yorkdale is taking an active effort to make parking easier at Canada’s most successful shopping centre. 
Yorkdale Is Making Parking Better and Easier This Holiday Season

In a few weeks, holiday shopping will be in full swing. If you’ve ever tried to park at Yorkdale during its busiest season you know that it can be challenging. This year, Yorkdale is taking an active effort to make parking easier at Canada’s most successful shopping centre.

Yorkdale has more than 8,000 parking spaces and they are available for free.

“Parking is a huge focus because we want shoppers to look forward to their time here. Shopping isn’t a chore, it’s a leisure activity,” said Mina Barbuto, Yorkdale’s Marketing Director. “We elevate our parking services going into the holiday season because we know it will be busy. Parking resources are available in person, online, on mobile and in centre to help make parking easier.”

Finding a parking spot at Yorkdale is fast and easy, yes, even during the holidays. Here are the top parking tips for shoppers driving to do their shopping this season:

Go underground

There are nine underground parking levels at three different parts of the property. Nearly one-third of all Yorkdale parking is below ground so looking at the above ground lots can be misleading. Yorkdale’s underground lots have received certifications under the Parksmart sustainable parking because of their energy-efficient design and electric vehicle charging stations.

Stop light technology

All the underground parking levels feature stop light technology to make parking quick and easy. A green light above a parking stall indicates available spaces and helps speed up the overall traffic flow.

Just ask Yorkdale Parking Concierges

Every weekend leading up to Christmas, Yorkdale’s Parking Concierges will be available to direct drivers to parking areas with the greatest availability as they enter the property. Parking concierges will also be available on Thursdays and Fridays in December to accommodate the busy holiday shopping season.

Call the Parking Hotline

Shoppers can call the Yorkdale Parking Hotline at 416-256-PARK (7275) from a hands-free device to reach a Parking Concierge that will direct them to a parking area with the most availability.

Go online for virtual parking support

Shoppers can search the Parking page on Yorkdale.com, located in the top left portion of the screen, to see where the greatest parking availability is prior to or upon their arrival as well. Yorkdale’s virtual Parking Concierge can be messaged through Yorkdale.com for more personal support prior to arrival.


Outsource it with valet

Yorkdale has three valet parking bays at Nordstrom, off Yorkdale Road near Holt Renfrew and on the north side of the shopping centre. Valet parking is available for $15 and includes a bag valet option that will store bags until the vehicles are ready to be claimed.

Car Wash and Detailing

Now shoppers can get their car washed and detailed when they use Yorkdale’s South Service Road valet. Yorkdale’s exterior hand wash and light interior detailing services include hand wash & dry, tire dressing, interior windows, upholstery and dash cleaning and dressing. Prices range from $40-$55, which include the valet parking fee. Large vehicles are an additional $25.

Take a load off at the valet lounge offering coat and parcel check

This new valet lounge is located adjacent to the Holt Renfrew area valet parking bay and is open to shoppers as well as valet parking clients beginning November first. Coat and parcel check services are available as is gift wrapping. There will be more than a dozen upholstered lounge chairs as well as phone charging stations to help shoppers and their mobile devices recharge.