You Can Score Free Jamaican patties in Toronto This Weekend

You Can Score Free Jamaican patties in Toronto This Weekend

If you can’t make it to the sunny island of Jamaica this winter, biting into a spicy Jamaican patty is a close second. Want to know what’s even better? Getting your hands on a FREE Jamaican patty, of course!

On Sunday, February 23, to celebrate National Patty Day, Patties Express will be giving away a whopping 500 Jamaican patties.

free jamaican patties

Make sure you bring your patty-loving pals because this deal is limited to just one patty per customer.

Wondering how February 23 became National Patty Day? Well, back in February 1985, local patty vendors were told that they could no longer call these tasty treats “beef patties” because that name was reserved for ground beef patties only. As you can guess, this created some serious beef — get it?

free jamaican patties

This was the start of the Patty Wars where food inspectors and Jamaican patty restaurants went head-to-head until finally, vendors were allowed to continue using the term.

To mark the day where the arguing ceased, February 23 will forever be known as National Patty Day!

Patties Express is located at 4 Elm Street, and the free patties start at 11 a.m.

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