This is What it’s Like Shopping Online at Zaful

Zaful is a fast fashion online shop that has a plethora of options and styles — essentially everything is less than $30
This is What it's Like Shopping Online at Zaful

If you recognize the name Zaful, it’s likely you’ve seen the online store’s ads following you on Facebook, or tagged on your favourite cool girl’s Instagram account.

Zaful is a fast fashion online shop that has a plethora of options and styles — essentially everything is less than $30, which is what I love most. I love clicking through page after page (and there are a lot) of styles that I can actually afford. It’s so satisfying spotting great finds amongst a mountain of rather subpar fashions.  

The one thing that’s important to remember, though, is that all prices are in US dollar; you have to remind yourself not to get carried away and to add about 30% to your total for the exchange. Shipping is usually free, but depending on how much you order, you might get snagged with duties.  

In my case, I ordered eight things, and my order was split five and three items per shipment; I had to pay duties on the first five which was $30. On top of that, I have still yet to receive my other three items, which I ordered on June 14th (at time of posting, it is has been one month).  

The first part of my order arrived quite quickly within 6 days of purchase, which I was vaguely able to track since the overseas tracking system Zaful uses is not overly accurate when it’s in transit. With that being said, here’s what I ordered: 

zaful review

High Low Striped T-Shirt with Drawstring Shorts
Cost: $14.99
Quality & Fit: 
Fair/Average. The quality of the fabric was exactly what I expected. The cotton was not anything special, but it also wasn’t overly cheap.  I ordered the size small, and it has just enough stretch in the waistband and in the material. I didn’t love that the drawstring was fake, because what’s the point? I would have rather not had the extra decoration around my waist line. While the outfit is not overly flattering, I wanted something easy and comfortable to wear to the park/beach and to run errands, and that’s exactly what I got. 

Ribbed Knotted String Bralette Bikini
Cost: $11.99
Quality & Fit: 
Great. I think it’s pretty hard to mess up a bathing suit, with so many inexpensive options online, I feel like most companies deliver quality suits.  I ordered a size small in this bathing suit, and it fits perfectly on top — I’m rather large chested with 34D bra size.  I decided on this bather because I liked the extra coverage and support that the top seemed to offer. The top is lined and padded, which I appreciate since it provides one extra layer of coverage.  The bottoms are super cute, but tiny! I love them, especially since I’m smaller on the bottom and less coverage is necessary. It’s also lined and has long ties for size adjustment. The material is ribbed and is actually really nice, so overall, I was super excited and wore it to the beach right away.   

Zipper High Leg One Piece Swimsuit
Cost: $15.49
Quality & Fit: 
Fair/Average. I would say the material this bathing suit is made out of is below average, but matched with the fit (I ordered a size small), I’ll give it an average rating.  This doesn’t mean I don’t like it or won’t wear it, but it’s not traditional swim material, which is kinda lame. I got the bathing suit specifically for days where I’m feeling a bit more bloated (Hello, summer bod 2019) or need a simple black bather for a floatie selfie. The high leg on this suit is accurate and is very necessary when you’re only 5ft tall. The zipper actually works, which is a plus if you want to take your one piece to the next level.  The price on this piece relative to the other things I bought from Zaful is a bit pricey (keep in mind US dollars) for what it is.

zaful review

Button Up Off Shoulder Cropped Top
Cost: $10.99
Quality & Fit: 
Good. I bought a black and white version of this top in size medium, because I was certain it was going to be a must have this summer. I like the feel of the fabric and it has lots of stretch, which is necessary when you’re doing a tube top with sleeves. With that being said, the black and white both fit differently. The white for some reason is tighter and pulls in the middle where the faux buttons are and creates an unflattering hole right in the middle of the top (shaking my head). Thankfully I just wear this top with overalls , so you can’t tell.

Featured Image: Instagram/@Zaful 

Have you shopped at Zaful before? What do you think of the shopping site?

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