Zellers Pop-Up Store Is Now Here Inside A Hudson’s Bay

Zellers Pop-Up Store Is Now Here Inside A Hudson's Bay

Now, this is a major throwback! After officially closing its last location in Canada over a year ago, Zellers is making a comeback. The Hudson’s Bay at the Burlington Centre has launched a Zeller’s pop-up store inside.

In case you didn’t know, HBC actually still owns the right to the name of the Zellers chain, which is why you’re able to shop it there. 

If you choose to browse the racks of the red and white retailer located on the second floor of The Bay, you’ll find a ton of Canada-themed apparel and home products. 

Back in 1990, Zellers was operating over 350 stores across the country and was a staple to many Canadians. So in 2011 when store closures were first announced, many people were quite saddened by the news. 

The last two remaining Zellers in Etobicoke and Ottawa finally closed in early 2020. 

Stay tuned for more info as we may be seeing even more Zellers pop-ups across Hudson’s Bay stores in the near future.

Fingers crossed!

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