Sephora Has Plans For A Major Expansion Across Canada

Sephora Has Plans For A Major Expansion Across Canada

Calling all Canadian Sephora fanatics! The beauty company will be opening around 50 stores throughout Canada over the next three years. To date, Sephora operates over 80 stores all across the country.

The strategic timing of this announcement follows Ulta Beauty’s decision to no longer expand storefronts in Canada.

Although makeup lovers have been disappointed by Ulta’s decision, this is great news for Sephora, as Ulta Beauty would be one of the brand’s largest competitors in the market. 


According to Globe and Mail, the growth of the company will occur in areas with around 100,000 to 300,000 residents. So, if you’re in a populated area, you could be lucky enough to get a brand new Sephora store close by!

Currently, Sephora distribution centers are located in Toronto and Vancouver, but the company now has plans to begin fulfilling online orders from its stores as well. It’s also seeking to open standalone retail spaces, rather than shops inside of malls. 

There are no set dates or locations confirmed just yet for the Sephora expansion in Canada, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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